How To Try V-Control Pro With A Trial License

V-Control Pro will run without a license, but it is only useful for Slate Digital RAVEN users. If you want to try a fully-featured V-Control Pro, you can get a trial license. V-Control Pro uses iLok licensing. You can activate the free trial iLok license on your computer or on an iLok USB key.

  • Get a trial license HERE to deposit a license to you iLok user account.
  • Activate the license using iLok License Manager. You can activate the license on your computer or on an iLok USB key. The trial license must be activated to a location to start the trial.
  • Install V-Control Pro by downloading it from HERE.
  • Launch V-Control Pro and verify it is licensed. To verify, select the About… menu item and it will indicate if it is licensed or not.
  • Once the trial license is activated, all features are enabled for you to try. Select the V-Control Pro menu item, Open User Guide for instructions to set up the surfaces you are trying out.
  • After the trial license expires, you can purchase a license at You can purchase a perpetual license or you can purchase an annual subscription license.
  • RAVEN users do not need to have a V-Control Pro license. RAVEN uses its own license to use V-Control Pro to connect to DAWs.

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