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Neyrinck is a software company founded by Paul Neyrinck who has worked on the design of many legendary audio products including TL Space Convolution Reverb, Digidesign D-Show EQ, Focusrite D2 EQ, Digidesign Mbox OS X Software and Orban Digital Optimod 8200.

Neyrinck’s range of surround sound and broadcast audio file software products are aimed at the audio professional working with DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby E, Dolby Pro Logic and surround sound mixing projects in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Media Composer and other applications.

The Neyrinck V-Control Pro for smartphones, tablets and laptops is the latest in a line of software tools for empowering people to create music, movies, TV and live shows.

Neyrinck is based in San Francisco USA.

Paul Neyrinck

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