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Pro Tools 12 Users: There is a bug in Pro Tools 12.5.0 that changes the way plug-ins are allocated on DSP chips. As it stands, V-Mon is not compatible with Pro Tools 12.5.0 and we suggest users update to 12.5.1 or later as AVID has resolved the issue.

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1. V-Mon 3.0 can be purchased from the Neyrinck Store or through our extensive list of worldwide Resellers. You will receive full iLok license via email.

2. Download the latest version of the application by filling out the form below.

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1. Download the latest version of the application by filling out the form above. A trial 14-day license is available.

V-Mon Software Bundle

July 3rd 2013 – The two downloads labelled ‘V-Mon – AAX DSP 64/32 – MAC OS X’ and ‘V-Mon – AAX DSP 64/32 – Windows’ are for the new Pro Tools 11 HDX co-install with Pro Tools HDX 10.3.5 and above.
They are not compatible with versions below Pro Tools 10.3.5.

They include both 32-bit AAX versions for Pro Tools HDX 10.3.5 and above, as well as the new 64-bit format for Pro Tools HDX 11. The formats included are: AAX DSP and AAX DSP 64.

Version 3.0.4

Mar 28th 2013 – This update improves VMC-101 control for V-Mon AAX 32 on Mac and Windows. All users should update. The two downloads labelled ‘V-Mon – MAC OSX’ and ‘V-Mon – Windows’, are for Pro Tools|HDX, Pro Tools Accel and include AAX DSP 32, and TDM for Pro Tools 9 and 10.

Legacy Downloads

Version 2.0.1 for Mac
Version 2.0.1 for Windows

Download Plug-In Map HERE