V-Control Pro For FaderPort 8 / 16

Supercharged For Pro Tools

V-Control Pro supercharges the Faderport 8/16 for incredible Pro Tools control for Pro Tools 2023 and earlier. Compatibility with Pro Tools 2024 and later will soon be available. Without V-Control Pro, Faderport’s Pro Tools control features are very limited, especially for plug-ins. V-Control Pro supercharges Faderport 8/16 with pro features previously considered impossible. Now you can control any plug-in with precise fader control. Now automation is deeply integrated and simple to use. Now select a track and get channel strip control. Now get 0.1 dB fader resolution for track volume. And much more. Read more below about these supercharged features for Faderport 8/16. Get a free trial license and try it on Mac or Windows.

Fader Mapped PlugIn Control

Without V-Control Pro, plug-in control is barely usable or unusable because it can’t properly map parameters to faders, especially with many third-party plug-ins. With V-Control Pro you get precise fader control organized in pages of eight parameters for all plugins. You can immediately use the default maps that work great or create custom fader maps. Just select a track and press the PlugIns button. Press the labeled Select button to cycle through active inserts.

Edit/Bypass Any Plug-In On A Track

Without V-Control Pro, plug-in control and bypass is limited to individual inserts A-E.  With V-Control Pro you can access inserts A-J 

Bypass All PlugIns On A Track

Without V-Control Pro it is impossible to toggle bypass for all plugins on a track with one button press. With V-Control Pro, simply select a track and then use Shift + Bypass to toggle bypass for all plugins on the track. Fast and easy.

Master Fader Control

Without V-Control Pro, you have to bank and scroll to adjust the master fader. Now simply tap the Master button and adjust volume with the Navigation Encoder.

Pro Automation

Without V-Control Pro, the Faderport doesn’t indicate track automation mode or status and doesn’t take advantage of indication by color. With V-Control Pro, each track’s Select button color indicates its auto mode and write status. And now  the dedicated Off, Read, Write, Touch, Latch, Trim buttons are color coded. Automate with confidence and precision without distracting brain context switching.

Automation Suspend

Without V-Control Pro, suspending automation from Faderport is not possible. Now use Shift + F8 to suspend.


Auto Write To Start/End/All

Without V-Control Pro, writing automation to start/end/all from Faderport is not available. Now use Shift + left arrow/right arrow/encoder push to write to start/end/all.

Channel Strip Control

Without V-Control Pro, it is impossible to simultaneously edit volume, pan, and sends for a track. With V-Control Pro simply select a track and press the Sends button. V-Control spills volume, left  channel pan, right channel pan, and send levels A-E across eight faders. Each send level is labeled with the name of the send destination.


10-Bit, Accurate Fader

Without V-Control Pro, the the FaderPort sends 9-bit fader messages to Pro Tools. And the fader’s scale marks do not match the dB value in Pro Tools. For example, if you move the fader to 0 dB on FaderPort, it is actually -1.0 dB in Pro Tools. -5 FaderPort / -8.5 Pro Tools. -10 FaderPort / -14.5 Pro Tools. V-Control Pro sends 10 bit fader messages to Pro Tools. And it accurately translates the FaderPort fader position so the scale marks match. Mix with confidence and precision.


All Solo Clear

Without V-Control Pro, the FaderPort indicates and clears solo for only the eight or sixteen tracks in the current bank it is assigned to. With V-Control Pro, it indicates and clears solo for the entire Pro Tools session.


Without V-Control Pro, you get Undo but Redo is not available. V-Control Pro makes Undo work.

Group Suspend

Without V-Conntrol Pro, suspending automation from Faderport is not possible. Now use the Link button.


Dialog Cancel / OK

When you add a memory location with FaderPort, Pro Tools presents a dialog. Without V-Control Pro, you must move your hand to the keyboard or mouse to select Cancel or OK. V-Control Pro detects Pro Tools dialogs and blinks the Prev and Next buttons. Press Previous to cancel or Next to OK the dialog. Very handy.


Track Displays

Without V-Control Pro the FaderPort displays 4-character track names and does not show numerical volume and pan. V-Control Pro displays 7-character track names, numerical volume and pan on all Faderport 8 strips and the first eight Faderport 16 strips.    

Volume and Pan Reset

Without V-Control Pro, you cannot use the FaderPort to reset volume and pan for a track. With V-Control Pro, press Shift and tap the fader to reset it to 0 dB. To reset the pan to center, press Shift and press Select.

Improved Zoom

Without V-Control Pro, it is impossible to adjust vertical zoom in the Edit window. V-Control Pro adds vertical zoom control with the wheel encoder. The Prev / Next buttons provide horizontal zoom.


Feature Charts

Look here to see which features are mapped to the surface buttons.

Free Trial Setup

1. Get a free trial license HERE.
2. Activate the trial license to your machine or iLok USB key using iLok License Manager.
3. Download and install V-Control Pro HERE
4. Follow the setup instructions in a browser HERE or on YouTube.

Other Surfaces?

FaderPort 8 and 16 are the first multi-fader surfaces to be supercharged by V-Control Pro. Potentially, other HUI surfaces could be supercharged. Please join our Facebook V-Control Pro Users Group and let us know what supercharged surface you would like to see.

Learn More About FaderPort

The Presonus FaderPort 8 and 16 are great surfaces with nice design and ergonomics. The standard Pro Tools HUI mode provides basic control features. You can read detailed information in the FaderPort user manual to learn more.


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