V-Control Pro Bundle

V-Control Pro Bundle Full License

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Digidesign ProControl Control for Pro Tools 11, 12, 2018
Digidesign Control 24 Control for Pro Tools 11, 12, 2018
V-Console DAW Controller
V-Panner For Pro Tools Surround Pan Control
V-Panner For Atmos Pan Plug-in Control
V-PlugIn For Spill PlugIn Control

Spill System Requirements
Mac OS 10.8+
Windows 7+
Pro Tools 10.3 or later

V-Control System Requirements
Mac OS 10.7+ (10.10+ for Pro Control and Control 24)
Windows 7+


  • Enables Digidesign Control 24 and Digidesign Pro Control to work with Pro Tools 11, Pro Tools 12 and Pro Tools 2018 (Mac OS 10.10/Windows 7 and later)
  • Advanced DAW control for tablets and phones
  • Surround pan control for Pro Tools
  • Surround pan control for Dolby Atmos Pan plug-in
  • Advanced Spill plug-in control with V-PlugIn app
  • Compatible with multi-device use
  • Compatible with Raven MTi/MTx

V-Control Pro Bundle is a system that revolutionizes how controllers connect to software, giving you hands-on control of your audio and video projects using almost any device. Adjust the mix at a live show with your phone. Set up a 32-track mix console with some iPads. Use a laptop to get a large time counter display. V-Control Pro puts you in control so you can create your masterpiece.

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