Neyrinck has completed extensive testing with V-Control Pro and the new Avid Pro Tools 11 release. The control features all work as expected and no problems were found with V-Control and Pro Tools 11 on the Mac OS X platform. V-Control Pro is the most feature rich controller available for Pro Tools from the iPad and iPad mini.

However there is a bug in Pro Tools 11 on Windows with the Surround Panner feature. If a Surround Panner is set up in MIDI peripherals and connected to any MIDI port (not just V-Control’s MIDI ports), Pro Tools 11 will crash if the Shift key on the computer keyboard is pressed. The crash has no connection to V-Control Pro whatsoever, but the surround panner feature in V-Control can not be used until the bug is fixed.  Neyrinck recommends users contact Avid to report the crash and suggest that Windows customers use the V-Window feature to control surround panning rather than the dedicated surround panner. Once this bug has been fixed in Pro Tools Neyrinck will post an update.