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Pro Tools 12 Users: There is currently a bug in Pro Tools 12.5.0 that changes the way plug-ins are allocated on DSP chips. As it stands, V-Mon is not compatible with Pro Tools 12.5.0. Please update to 12.5.1 or later as AVID has resolved this issue.

User Guide

Download the V-Mon user guide.
Download Plug-in Map.


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Can I use the D-Command/D-Control custom fader map feature with V-Mon?

V-Mon works well with the custom fader map feature. You can download a plug-in map file HERE.

What are the dimensions of the VMC-101 controller?

The VMC-101 controller is 15 cm (H) by 11.2 cm (W).

The speaker plug-in output level is -10 dB down when I set the monitor volume to my reference level. Why is that?

By default, V-Mon provides 10 dB of headroom so you can increase the volume above the ref level. As long as you calibrate the speaker system at the ref level, the volume will match the volume displayed by V-Mon. You can set the headroom to be more or less in the V-Mon setup page. Be sure to calibrate the speaker system if you change the amount of headroom.

I installed V-Mon 3 and need to re-install V-Mon 2. But the old installer won't install because it is an older version. What can I do?

Open Terminal and type the following:
sudo pkgutil --forget com.neyrinck.pkg.vmon

What does it mean if the Mute button on the V-Mon Controller is lit?

The Mute button indicates that hardware mute is activated. It should be deactivated when being used.

Will V-Mon work with Pro Tools 10/11 HD Native?

No, as it stands, V-Mon requires an HDX system if on Pro Tools 10 and above or a TDM system is using Pro Tools 9 and below.

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