V-Control Pro Bundle

The bundle includes:

  • V-Control Pro Software – Connects your favorite DAWs and Video edit applications to controller apps on mobile tablets, smartphones, browsers, and MIDI hardware controllers
  • V-Console App – 8 or 16 fader controller with multiple skins for most DAW/Video Editors, and V-Window for controlling plug-ins
  • V-Panner App – Surround Panning and Dolby Atmos plug-in control screens
  • V-PlugIn App – Directly control the Neyrinck Spill plug-in for Pro Tools on iPhones and iPads
V-Control Pro Bundle

Controller Devices

V-Control Pro supports most popular devices: tablets, smartphones, notebook computers, Android, and iOS.

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android Tablet
  • Android Phone
  • Laptop Web Browsers
V-Control Pro Apps

Get In Touch with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Premiere Pro And All Your Favorite Apps on Mac or PC

V-Control can connect to both Mac and Windows and includes a host of app skins for top media applications such as Audition, Cubase, Digital Performer, Live, Logic Pro, MIO Console, Pro Tools, Reaper, Reason, Studio One, SONAR and Tracktion.

Each V-Control App skin includes faders, pans, mute and solo for mixing, high res metering, transport controls, as well as dedicated keys specifically designed for that app to make the task of creating easier and faster.

V-Control Pro Supported Media Apps

Built On CoreControl

CoreControl is a new technology invented by Paul Neyrinck that revolutionizes how control surfaces and software connect. We originally created V-Control Pro 1 for the iPad, one of the most popular and reliable control surfaces available anywhere.

Many users contacted us asking for features that were impossible because of antiquated, proprietary control protocols. After a lot of research and development, Paul created the CoreControl system that solves all the problems.

CoreControl was inspired in part by ASIO, CoreAudio, and MIDI. CoreControl provides the same advantages so everyone’s products can work together. CoreControl is an open-source system that uses standard technologies, which means the end of proprietary protocols and a new beginning of control innovation.


Advanced Multi-Touch Control For Tablets and Phones

V-Control Pro provides control surface apps that run on Android and iOS tablets and phones. The controller apps use WiFi to connect to your computer and control transport, editing, and mixing functions. iPad can also utilise a wired connection for fast response and for situations where wi-fi is not available.

Controller apps feature advanced control of sends, automation, groups, auditioning, plug-ins, jog/scrub/shuttle, I/O assignment, and other controls within easy-to-use interfaces. Controller apps can be used simultaneous with Ethernet controllers used by Pro Tools – see restrictions at bottom of page. You can learn more and install controller apps at vcontrolpro.com.

V-Console 16 Faders Multi-Touch


Simple Setup

V-Control Pro software runs as a menu-bar application on your Mac or Windows computer. It automatically connects media applications such as Pro Tools, Cubase, and Logic Pro to controller apps and devices.

The Setups window shows all your devices, applications, and connected setups. It also provides powerful custom configuration for MIDI controllers. You can see setup guides for all media applications. You can also configure multiple devices for up to 32 tracks of mix control. View all compatible applications.


MIDI Controller Mapping In Pro Tools

V-Control Pro provides powerful MIDI features that let you control Pro Tools from MIDI hardware. For example, you can set up recording and playback to be mapped to buttons on a MIDI controller.


V-Control Pro with Pro Tools and Avid Surfaces

V-Control will operate with these control surfaces with some limitations.
Pro Tools supports using V-Control Pro simultaneous with an ethernet controller such as S6, D-Command, C24, and Pro Control. But the two controllers are always banked to the same channels and V-Control Pro is banked to the left eight channels of the ethernet controller. Also, the plug-in editing in V-Control Pro will be disabled.

Pro Tools does not transmit metering to V-Control. Avid has verified that Pro Tools does not send metering to secondary controllers. Also, Control 24 only allows one additional MIDI peripheral to be used simultaneous. This means you can either set V-Control as one HUI controller or one surround pan controller.

To make V-Control Pro operate as an independent controller you can temporarily disable the Ethernet controller in Pro Tools.


Legacy V-Control Pro 1 Support

V-Control Pro 1 for the iPad is fully supported by V-Control Pro Software and does not require a license. Ney-Fi has been renamed to V-Control Pro Software. To use V-Control Pro v 1.9, just download and install V-Control Pro Software and connect just like you did with Ney-Fi previously.

At any time you can optionally license V-Control Pro Bundle to get new features such as 32-track control, smartphone control, and Android. Check out this blog post ‘How Does Legacy iPad V-Control Pro 1 Work with the New V-Control Pro 2 System‘ for more details.

V-Control Pro 1