Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools

• 8 or 16 fader Pro Tools skins for tablets and browsers
• Auto-sensing Wired Connectivity for iPad.
• Fully-featured Pro Tools control using HUI and Surround Panner protocols
• One-touch access to all automation modes per track
• Sends A-E level, mute and pre-post select control
• Fader-flip mode for sends
• Dual surround panner controls
• Stereo track level, peak hold, and clip metering. Double-tap to reset
• One touch group suspend and automation suspend
• Full transport control including pre-roll and post-roll
• Counter display with optional big counter display
• Mix and edit window display switches
• Scrub / Shuttle Wheel controller
• Numeric keypad window for locating
• “Modifier” buttons
• Dolby Atmos Plug-in control screen (V-Panner and iPad V-Console)
• V-PlugIn app for iPhones and iPads can control Neyrinck’s Spill AAX Plug-in for Pro Tools

V-Console 16 Faders Wired
• Cursor Diamond for zoom in/out control and edit navigation
• Mark in/Mark out controls
• Input/output assignment
• Marker create and select buttons
• Various window show/hide buttons
• Automation enable/disable controls
• Editing mode select buttons
• Editing tool select buttons
• Edit command buttonsSystem Requirements – Pro Tools 7.4 or later
Mac OS X 10.7+, Windows 7+