The Presonus FaderPort V2 and ioStation 24c have a built-in Pro Tools HUI mode with basic, but limited features. V-Control Pro supercharges them with professional features typically found on much more expensive controllers. You can use them by themselves for powerful control. Or you can pair them with the Avid Control app or Slate Raven for an even better integrated control solution. Mix tracks, sends, and plug-ins faster and more fluid on Mac or Windows. LEARN MORE

V-Window Plug-In Control

Without V-Control Pro, the FaderPort has no Pro Tools plug-in parameter control. With V-Control Pro, you can adjust and automate plug-in parameters using V-Window mode. The touch-sensitive fader makes it work perfect with Pro Tools touch and latch mode automation.

Fast Focus And ReFocus

Without V-Control Pro, the FaderPort will not automatically focus. You are forced to scroll the FaderPort left/right one track at a time. If you select a track outside its current bank of eight tracks, it loses focus with no indication. With V-Control Pro, the FaderPort automatically focuses to any track you select. (patent pending)

10-Bit, Accurate Fader

Without V-Control Pro, the the FaderPort sends 9-bit fader messages to Pro Tools. And the fader’s scale marks do not match the dB value in Pro Tools. V-Control Pro sends 10 bits fader messages to Pro Tools and makes the scale marks match. Mix with confidence and precision.

Pro Automation

V-Control Pro turns the Faderport into a first-class automation controller. Without V-Control Pro, the Faderport doesn’t indicate automation mode or status. With V-Control Pro you can see the automation modes and status. Automate with confidence and precision.