V-Control Pro For FaderPort / ioStation 24c

Supercharged For Pro Tools

The Presonus FaderPort V2 and ioStation 24c have a built-in Pro Tools HUI mode with basic, but limited features. V-Control Pro supercharges them with professional features typically found on much more expensive controllers. You can use them by themselves for powerful control. Or you can pair them with the Avid Control app or Slate Raven for an even better integrated control solution. Mix tracks, sends, and plug-ins faster and more fluid on Mac or Windows.

V-Window Plug-In Control

V-Window lets you control plug-in parameters with the FaderPort’s touch-sensitive fader. Simply hover the mouse over the parameter you want to control. When you touch and move the fader, the mouse is remotely controlled to click and drag for precise control. Touch mode automation works perfect for professional mix control.

Avid Control App Integration

The Avid Control App lets you browse and select any track in Pro Tools with ease. V-Control Pro’s Fast Focus / ReFocus feature automatically assigns it to the FaderPort. Incredibly fast and easy.

Slate Raven Integration

Select any Pro Tools track with Raven and the Faderport will automatically focus so you can grab a fader when you need to. Make the fantastic Raven more fantastic.

Fast Focus And ReFocus

Without V-Control Pro, the FaderPort will not automatically focus. You are forced to scroll the FaderPort left/right one track at a time. If you select a track outside its current bank of eight tracks, it loses focus with no indication. With V-Control Pro, the FaderPort automatically focuses to any track you select. V-Control Pro widens the bank to thirty-two tracks for instant focus, and if it loses focus it immediately blinks the Channel button. Simply tap the blinking button to automatically ReFocus. Now you can select any track at any time for a focused FaderPort. (patent pending)

V-Window Plug-In Control

Without V-Control Pro, the FaderPort has no Pro Tools plug-in parameter control. With V-Control Pro, you can adjust and automate plug-in parameters using V-Window mode. Simply hover the mouse pointer above a plug-in parameter, enable V-Window mode (tap the Link button on FaderPort), and now the fader and rotary encoder remotely control the mouse up and down for smooth, accurate control. The touch-sensitive fader makes it work perfect with Pro Tools touch and latch mode automation. For horizontal sliders, press the CTRL button on your keyboard.

10-Bit, Accurate Fader

Without V-Control Pro, the the FaderPort sends 9-bit fader messages to Pro Tools. And the fader’s scale marks do not match the dB value in Pro Tools. For example, if you move the fader to 0 dB on FaderPort, it is actually -1.0 dB in Pro Tools. -5 FaderPort / -8.5 Pro Tools. -10 FaderPort / -14.5 Pro Tools. V-Control Pro sends 10 bits fader messages to Pro Tools. And it accurately translates the FaderPort fader position so the scale marks match. Mix with confidence and precision.

Pro Automation

V-Control Pro turns the Faderport into a first-class automation controller. Without V-Control Pro, the Faderport doesn’t indicate automation mode or status. With V-Control Pro you can select and see the automation modes: Off, Read, Write, Touch, Latch, Trim. And you can see status. The red buttons blink to indicate when automation is armed. Then when you touch the fader and engage write mode, the red buttons are lit solid. And when using touch mode writing is instantly disengaged when you release the fader. Automate with confidence and precision.

Sends Control With Fader Flip

Without V-Control Pro it is impossible to adjust a Pro Tools send with the FaderPort. V-Control Pro adds sends control with flip mode. Tap Link, Master, Click, or Section to select Send A, B, C, or D. Now the encoder adjusts that send level. Pushing the encoder toggles the send between pre-fader and post-fader. Press the Bypass button to change to Flip mode. Now the fader controls send level, the mute button controls send mute and the encoder controls send pan for stereo sends.

Volume and Pan Reset

Without V-Control Pro, you cannot use the FaderPort to reset volume and pan for a track. With V-Control Pro, press Shift and tap the fader to reset it to 0 dB. To reset the pan to center, press Shift and push the encoder. It works in send flip mode too.

Dialog Cancel / OK

When you add a memory location with FaderPort, Pro Tools presents a dialog. Without V-Control Pro, you must move your hand to the keyboard or mouse to select Cancel or OK. V-Control Pro detects Pro Tools dialogs and blinks the buttons. Press Previous to cancel or Next to OK the dialog. Very handy.

All Solo Clear

Without V-Control Pro, the FaderPort only clears solo for the eight tracks in the current bank it is assigned to. With V-Control Pro, it will clear all solos of the entire session.

Full Command List

Click HERE to see a list of all control functions.

Thanks to V-Control Pro I can add a Faderport to my RAVEN system so that a hardware fader is always available when I need it.
Jon Wright

Creative Media Consultant, www.dawjockey.com

I am very impressed with how much better the Faderport works with Pro Tools.
Curtis Burns

V-Control Pro’s features for Faderport and Pro Tools have saved me a tremendous amount of time. I write a fair bit of plug-in automation and being able to control plugin parameters with the fader has been a real bonus.
Michael Raphael

Rabbit Ears Audio

Paired with the Avid Control App, the supercharged Faderport is definitely a game changer. It saved me a lot of money.
Jesper Zacarius

Studio Jesper Zacarias

Learn More About FaderPort

The Presonus FaderPort and ioStation 24c are great surfaces with nice design and ergonomics. The standard Pro Tools mode provides track volume, pan, mute, solo, record control. You can read detailed information in the FaderPort user manual to learn more.

Other Surfaces?

FaderPort V2 is the first surface to be supercharged by V-Control Pro. Potentially, FaderPort V1, Faderport 8/16, and other HUI surfaces could be supercharged. Please join our Facebook V-Control Pro Users Group and let us know what supercharged surface you would like to see.

Free Trial Setup

1. Get a free trial license HERE. 2. Activate the trial license to your machine or iLok USB key using iLok License Manager. 3. Download and install V-Control Pro HERE 4. Follow the setup instructions in a browser HERE or on YouTube.


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