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New BeatsBot iOS Drum Machine App With Ableton-style Interface For Creative Music Making

BeatsBot is an iOS drum app that lets you play, practice and write songs to the beat, fast.

Play along to great drums when the inspiration strikes.

BeatsBot lets you quickly choose the right tempo, the right kit and a pattern that suits your music so you can get on with the fun part of being creative anywhere.

BeatsBot with MIDI Foot Controller

Paul Neyrinck shows you how BeatsBot works great with MIDI foot controllers, which is very important for musicians.

You can hold and play your instrument and control BeatsBot with your foot.

BeatsBot supports a Bluetooth wireless controller or a wired MIDI controller with up to 8 buttons.

Get BeatsBot app drum track for Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’

Get free drum tracks for classic tracks transcribed by Guitar World, and others, for BeatsBot drum machine app. In BeatsBot simply go to Browse and select More Beats At

This video also also shows you how to multitask with tabs and BeatBot on an iPad.

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Load Free Songs for BeatsBot

Check out free extra beats and songs you can quickly load into BeatsBot including drums for Guitar Tab features in Guitar World.

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