V-Control Pro for XMon

Supercharge XMON For Low Cost Atmos Studio Monitoring


XMON is a powerful pro studio hardware monitoring rack-mount device available at low cost, but it is limited to eight speaker channels out and controllable by Avid surfaces only. V-Control Pro supercharges XMON for Atmos / Immersive setups and a variety of remote controllers. Get up to 15 speaker channels out with a single XMON interface. Get up to 120 speaker channels out by using up to eight XMONs in parallel.

15 Main Channels Per XMON

How it works – With an XMON Midi Adapter connected to XMON, V-Control Pro can customize how XMON operates. XMON has four stereo outputs with independent volume controls: Cue 1, Cue 2, Cue 3, and Studio. And it has seven inputs that can be routed to those outputs: Cue 1, Cue 2, Cue 3, and Talkback 2. V-Control Pro can map them as extra main inputs and outputs to follow the eight main inputs and outputs for up to 15 channels of monitoring. The only tradeoff is you sacrifice one or more cues/studio features. All other XMON features are completely functional.

For systems needing more than fifteen speakers, V-Control Pro lets you use up to eight XMON interfaces in parallel, each with its own XMON Midi Adapter. Each XMON can be configured for eight to fifteen channels of main monitoring.


Remote Control Options

Eucon S3, S6, or Avid Control app systems are already designed to control one XMon. V-Control Pro inserts itself for Eucon remote control of a supercharged XMon setup.

D-Command / D-Control

D-Command and D-Control systems are designed to control a single XMon. V-Control Pro lets you connect D-Command / D-Control to a USB serial port adapter on your computer for control of a supercharged XMon setup. See more below for the details.

C24, Control 24, Pro Control, Faderport 8/16

V-Control Pro adds XMon control and output metering to C24, Control 24, Pro Control, and Faderport 8/16 surfaces that are set up in V-Control Pro for DAW control.

Mackie Control

V-Control Pro also supports Mackie control protocol surfaces for supercharged XMon remote control.

XMON Midi Adapter

XMON has a 15-pin D connector on the rear panel that, among other things, has pins providing Midi input and output. Originally, the Midi capability was unused because XMON could connect directly to D-Command / D-Control for remote control. Later, to provide compatibility with Eucon surfaces, Avid included an XMON Midi adapter with XMON. With the Midi connected to the DAW computer, Avid’s XMON application can bridge Eucon to XMON.

V-Control Pro requires an XMON Midi adapter to supercharge XMON. If you have an XMON but don’t have an XMON Midi adapter, there are a three ways to get one: buy a used Avid Midi adapter, buy a third-party Midi adapter on EBay, or make one yourself for about $30. Making one yourself requires a wire cutter and wire stripper. No soldering is required. Amazon List Of Parts.

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