Lots of new features in new 1.7 version of V-Control Pro

What’s New in V-Control Pro 1.7

Preferences – New preferences section is displayed in Setup popover

  •     Optionally place transport at top of screen
  •     Optionally disable transport controls
  •     Optionally disable fader double-tap
  •     Optionally set for transparent jog wheel display
  •     Optionally set for Cubase +12 dB max gain

Counter Jog Control – Pro Tools and Cubase and some other apps now let you drag across the counter to jog/scrub/shuttle forward or back.

Draggable Multi-Panel – The multi-panel window can now be dragged and placed anywhere.


V-Control Pro Showing 1.7 Jog wheel and Floating V-Window

Smarter Multi-Panel Display – The multi-panel window now remembers which mode is selected when a user exits V-Control Pro and re-launches.Jog/Shuttle Wheel – All DAW modes have a jog/shuttle wheel.

  • Different apps have different functionality with some having Scrub and Shuttle modes selectable at the top of the wheel. If Scrub and Shuttle are not selected the wheel Jogs thru the project. In some apps dragging in the counter also allows Jog/Scrub/Shuttle depending on the setting for the Jog Wheel.
  • Audition, Final Cut 7, and Media Composer have a fixed wheel in the user interface.
  • All other DAW modes have an optional wheel.
  • Two-finger double-tap the mixer to show/hide the jog wheel for all other DAW modes.
  • Two-finger drag to quickly activate and control shuttle mode

Transport Popover – All DAW modes now have a Transport Popover selectable from transport bar.

  • Pro Tools memory locations and audition controls have been moved from edit panel to transport popover.
  • Logic marker controls moved from edit panel to transport popover.

Transport Controls can be set to show at top in new preferences

Pro Tools Keypad Improved
 – The keypad now has modifier keys for additional functionality.Pro Tools Automation Popover Improved

  • The popover now has a “All” button to set mode for all tracks.
  • Write Enable controls and Suspend control moved into Automation Popover

Pro Tools Surround Panner Improved – The surround panner better controls panning if a touch moves outside the panner boundary.

Logic Automation Popover Improved – Write Enable controls moved into Automation Popover


Pro Tools Transport Popover Keypad and Automation Popover

Logic View Controls Added

  • Select between Single, Arrange, and All
  • For All mode, select types of tracks to display

Logic Transport Controls Added

  • Create Marker
  • Markers 9, 10
  • Replace Mode

Logic Pro Automation Popover View Controls Popover Transport Popover