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    In Sonar select Edit->Preferences->Control Surfaces. Then set up a Mackie Control controller like this:

    Sonar provides optional settings for the Macke Control contoller. To adjust the optional settings, select the Utilities menu and then select Mackie Control – 1. Be sure to enable metering if you want to see meters displayed in V-Control.



    Get to the utilities menu here…



    Here is a link to Sonar’s Mackie Control support documentation:



    I’m running Sonar X1 b, win7 64, Ipad 3, and having several issues related to setting up V-Control Pro on my Ipad. Track meters, leds, and transport commands seem to work fine, and it’s extremely stable at the very 1st time that I connected my ipad.

    But the three problems that I’m experimenting is:

    Main edit button seems to do nothing,
    In the Edit mode, there are functions that I dont have any idea what they do, isnt there any documentation.

    If anyone can please tell me what I’m doing wrong …….. it will be appreciated.

    Thanks !!!!!!!!!



    Hi there Edulidd, here are some belated answers to your post from last year, in case they are useful to you or any other Sonar/V-Control users.

    1-The “edit” button on the right hand side of the main V-Control screen toggles Sonar in and out if it’s “Edit” mode. I am not 100% familiar with each and every Sonar function, but here is a link to current Sonar X2 documentation where it can be further researched: X2&Lang=EN&Req=toc.html

    2-In the edit panel portion of the multi-panel window, there are indeed many separate Sonart shortcuts that give you one button access to lots of Sonar functions. It is beyond the scope of the V-Control userr’s guide to detail what each of these buttons do, but in general, they emulate the functions of the assorted buttons on a hardware Mackie Control, when used with Sonar. According to this link

    Sonar’s online help documentation should have a some details of what each of these shortcut buttons do within the program.


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