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    Is there any news about mackie control protocol with v control pro ?
    WiFi ok, reconise in samplitude and in v control, but V control doesnt work in samplitude.. It’s the same with sonar i believe… there are pb with mackie control
    I have buy v control pro… I hope we will have some good news soon !



    Kraznet, hi ! and thanks for your work, have you any news ?



    Hi Fred,

    Are you using the V-Control Pro 1.9 app with Samplitude? It should definitely be working. Can you also tell me what version of Sonar you are running? Thank you.

    When setting up, are you selecting “Mackie Control” for the control type and “V-Control” for the MIDI Input and Output?


    hi and thanks for your answer

    yes i use v control pro 1.9 and sam pro x 3 with windows 10
    And i have an Ipad pro 12.9 ios 10.3
    midi input and output ok
    But it doesn’ work

    i told of sonar because had ear the same pb on sonar

    I, I use sam pro x 3 and Protools hd 12.6, and on protools, i have a pb too … it works fine when i move a fader with the mouse ( ipad’s fader move), but if i move ipad’s fader, fader in protools doesn’t move :(

    i don’t understand , it doesn’t work on samplitude, ok why not, but on protools i don’t understanf because v control has a special preset for protools, No a problem of ios ? wifi seems ok …ipad is detect and v control too … if i use the old neyfi ?




    off topic : i receive the neyrick notify in undesirable mail



    Hi Are you running Pro Tools in Administrator mode? Also, Samplitude should work with V-Control pro 1.9 and the generic Mackie layout. With the V-Control Pro desktop app running on your computer and Samplitude also, can you click on the V-Control Pro icon in the system tray and select “Setups..”? Can you tell me if the Mackie Control Generic icon shows up in the Setups?


    yes, admin mode
    It works in one direction but not in the other, always the same pb

    for samplitude, with the vcontrol app on computer, in the setups, i can see “Samplitude, protools, ipad, v windows and with software, i can see”samplitude and v control, vwindows works fine, i can select what i want

    I can send you a screenshot? it’s possible here ?


    and no, mackie control doesn’t appear in setups, , just protools, samplitude and v-windows

    it’s sur that i have to select vcontrol in midi input and output ? not other … so it,s strange because I know well the config midi in samplitude, but I block in this situation


    hi have just reinstal vcontrol, but same pb … :(

    good evening



    Hi Fred,

    Are you able to use a screen sharing app such as Teamviewer? Can you please e-mail our support directly at I would like to work with you directly if I can. Thank you.


    sorry your mail was in undesirable, and i had not see it
    Yes i have teamviewer
    I will contact you

    thx a lot

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