New Spill Plug-in from Neyrinck Accelerates Surround Mixing and Sound Design in Pro Tools

Spill plug-in is the one essential high-end film console feature everyone working in surround will want to get their hands on

Neyrinck Spill Plug-in

Spill AAX Plug-in for Managing Pro Tools Track and Bus Surround Channels  – click image for high res version


San Francisco, CA – October 26th 2016 (Updated Nov 29th 2016 to reflect new V-Control Pro Bundle contents and Spill pricing)– Neyrinck today introduced a new AAX Native, AAX DSP and AAX AudioSuite plug-in called ‘Spill’ for Pro Tools that makes it fast and easy to adjust channel levels on surround audio and bus tracks, just like the “spill” feature found on high-end digital film consoles. Spill is the first plug-in to support the powerful new V-PlugIn controller app for iPad/iPhone for super-fast access to tracks and their plug-ins. Spill is available from the Neyrinck store and includes a full year license for the V-Control Pro Bundle. The Spill installer download includes 7-day free trial license.

The Spill plug-in can be inserted on any multi-channel Pro Tools track, aux or master, from stereo to 7.1 format. All channels are spilled to individual channel faders in the Spill plug-in window, the V-PlugIn remote control app, and Avid control surfaces. Spill channel faders can be adjusted individually or can be relative grouped for fast and easy adjustment of surround channel groups. Spill fully integrates with Pro Tools plug-in automation modes providing a complete, professional surround mixing solution like that found on high-end film consoles.

The V-PlugIn remote control app for iPad and iPhone supports the Spill plug-in for first-class control. It provides a list of tracks using Spill so a user can just tap the track name and have instant access to channel levels without needing to open a plug-in window on the computer. V-PlugIn operates on any number of iPad or iPhones simultaneously which can connect to the Pro Tools computer using a wired Lightning cable connection or a WiFi connection.

V-PlugIn iPad

V-PlugIn shown controlling the 8 channels of a 7.1 track in Pro Tools with the Spill plug-in  – click image for high res version

Re-recording mixer Tom Marks, CAS, provided feedback to Paul Neyrinck during development of the plug-in. “Spill is applicable to both mixing and editing workflows but is most valuable during the final mix. In very busy sound effects sequences, you can quickly adjust a specific channel(s) of a pre-dub to clear space for music or to get the sound effects to poke through. When given multi-channel stems for the score, you can bring up the surrounds or lower the center channel. There are also applications on a global level. For example, if you start a mix in a smaller room and move to a large dub stage, you may need to make global adjustments on the surround or LFE levels. Also when doing near-field home video versions, you’ll have to make adjustments to your stems which Spill is perfect for.”

Spill can be downloaded from the Neyrinck website which includes a 7-day free trial. Spill perpetual iLok license can be purchased for $132 from the Neyrinck store and includes an annual license for the V-Control Pro Bundle that provides connectivity between Spill and the free V-PlugIn app, available from the Apple App Store.

About Neyrinck

Neyrinck is based in San Francisco and produces a line of software tools for empowering people to create music, movies, TV and live shows. The V-Control Pro Bundle is an innovative control system allowing iOS and Android smartphone and tablet control of media applications such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, Premier Pro and the Spill plug-in. Neyrinck’s SoundCode plug-ins enable LtRt, Dolby E, and Dolby Digital, surround sound workflows in Pro Tools.   •   •   •