Pro Tools AAX DSP 32/64 and TDM plug-ins:
Stem Input(10 or 6), Aux Input(2 or 8), Talk Back Input(4), Listen Back Input(2), Speaker Output(4), Cue Output(8), Downmix Output(1), Surround Send(1), Surround Return(1), Surround Meter(1), Stereo Meter(1)

• Ten 5.1 Inputs or Six 7.1 Inputs
• Eight Stereo Aux Inputs
• Integrated Stereo Downmixing
• Four Speaker Outputs compatible with digital speakers
• Eight Stereo Cues
• Extern Control using Tac Systems VMC-101 or Digi Control surface
• Speaker Calibration
• 7.1 Front or rear layouts
• Four Talk Back inputs and two Listen Back inputs
• Four Talk Back Busses with slate
• Listen Back outputs with cough control
• Extensive Metering
• Meter outs for external meter hardware
• Monitor Send/Return for DMU / 570 Processing

iLok license required
14-day trial included without the need for an iLok.

System Requirements
Compatible with Pro Tools HDX and HD Accel systems
Mac OS X, Windows 7
HDX – Pro Tools 10.0 and later
TDM – Pro Tools 9.0 and later

Sample Rates – 44.1, 48 kHz
Uses one HD Accel DSP