Compatible Applications

Advanced Multi-Touch Control for iPad
V-Control includes a set of skins for a number of media applications. Each skin is specifically designed for the application making best use of available control features and workflow. The skin’s design also matches that of the application so you feel right at home with an interface you are familiar with.

As new skins become available V-Control is updated to offer even more control possibilities.

Select the Application below to check out the features of each skin…

Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014/2015

Check out the V-Control Pro Setup and In-Depth feature video about controlling Premiere Pro with V-Console – YouTube Playlist

• Two Control Skins – Long Fader Skin and Short Fader Skin with permanent Jog Wheel and Function Keys
• 8 or 16 Fader Control surface
• Fully-featured Premiere Pro control using Mackie Control protocol
• Fader, pan, mute, solo, record for every track
• Select between Clip Mixer and Track Mixer
• Select automation modes for each track: Off/Read/Latch/Touch/Write
• Control single or multiple faders
• Double tap fader to return to zero
• Adjust level of a clip with fader with Clip Mixer – writes level throughout clip
• Adjust level of entire mix and automation with Track Mixer
• Master Fader control
• Dedicated keys for Undo, Redo
• Dedicated keys for moving to next or previous edit
• Dedicated keys for moving a frame at a time forwards or backwards
• Dedicated keys for moving to In / Out
• Full transport controls including :
– Play
– Stop
– Jump to Beginning

V-Console Premiere Pro
– Jump to End
– Fast Forward & Rewind• Scrub/Shuttle Wheel for precise play head control by swiping the counter display
• Display a big counter
• 16 soft keys
– Assign any commands to each button and label the button in V-Console
– Modifier keys – Shift for second banks of soft keys• V-Window Control of any open windows in Premiere Pro or other open applications, such as Color Correctors

System Requirements – Premiere Pro CS 7 And Later
Mac OS X 10.7+, Windows 7+
Windows 7/8