Compatible Applications

Advanced Multi-Touch Control for iPad
V-Control includes a set of skins for a number of media applications. Each skin is specifically designed for the application making best use of available control features and workflow. The skin’s design also matches that of the application so you feel right at home with an interface you are familiar with.

As new skins become available V-Control is updated to offer even more control possibilities.

Select the Application below to check out the features of each skin…


Apple Logic Pro

• Fully-featured Logic Pro 9/X control using OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol
• Familiar Logic user interface
• Fader, pan, mute, solo, input, track-arm, and automation control for every track
• One-touch access to all automation modes per track
• Sends 1-8 level and bypass control
• “Clear all Mutes” and “Clear all Solos” controls
• Dedicated group suspend function
• Track metering
• Eight-character track labels
• Full transport controls including loop, punch, metronome, and markers navigation
• Jog/scrub strip for precise play head control
• Dedicated Set Left/Right Location buttons
• Dedicated Set Left/Right Drop Location buttons
• Mixer window show/hide button always available in main interface
• 12 separate window show/hide buttons
• 9 separate Screen Set Select buttons
• Markers 1-9, previous, and next select buttons

• Comprehensive “editing commands” window allows quick access to:
• Bypassing individual automation categories (volume, pan, mute, etc.)
• Common editing controls (cut, copy, paste, etc.)
• Toggling on/off of 12 individual Logic windows
• Navigation among 9 separate Logic screen sets
• Navigation among session markers

System Requirements – Logic Pro 9.1.6 / 10.0.7, 32-bit and 64-bit.
Logic Pro – Mac OS X 10.7+
Logic has a crashing bug related to setting up multiple controllers.
Logic requires OSC controllers to use automatic setup, not manual setup.
Logic Pro X has some feature limitations with V-Control Pro 2 that require fixes to be made by Apple.