Compatible Applications

Advanced Multi-Touch Control for iPad
V-Control includes a set of skins for a number of media applications. Each skin is specifically designed for the application making best use of available control features and workflow. The skin’s design also matches that of the application so you feel right at home with an interface you are familiar with.

As new skins become available V-Control is updated to offer even more control possibilities.

Select the Application below to check out the features of each skin…



• Fully-featured Live control using Mackie Control protocol
• Fader, pan, mute, solo and record arm for each track
• Track bank and scroll keys – one or two finger swipe also scrolls, banks tracks
• Double tap fader or pan to set default value
• Touch track names to select track
• Track metering
• 6 character track names
• Send levels to return tracks can be controlled from track v-pot
• View effects for each track and edit effects in each insert using v-pots
• Page left and right keys for fast access to multiple effects controls
• Select track Input Type, Input Channel, Output Type and Output Channel using the v-pots
• Switch Return tracks to faders for precise control
• Flip I/O select, Pan, Sends, Plug-in control to faders for more precise control

• Master Fader button for fast access to master fader
• Transport keys: Stop, Play, Record, Fast forward, Rewind
• Move thru project by swiping the counter
• Big Counter display
• Edit panel includes 45 dedicated buttons for Live functions including:
– Meter, SMPTE/Beats
– 16 User Assignable Keys set to act as MIDI note input
– Shift, Option, Control, Alt Modifier keys
– 4 View keys for Sess./Apr., Clip/FX, Browser, Detail
– 6 Function keys for Undo, Redo, BTA, Marker, Draw, Follow
– 7 locate keys for <Locator, >Locator, Loop, PI, PO, Home, End
– Track and clip select previous and next, zoom vertically and horizontally

• V-Window feature for touch access to any open window in Live or other apps running on the DAW
• V-Window lets you naturally control a plug-in or instrument just as you would in the DAW
• V-Window also lets you control any other app such as I/O software
• V-Window retains transport controls at the bottom of the screen, perfect for remote operation from the overdub booth

• On-screen users guide

System Requirements – Ableton Live
Mac OS X 10.7+, Windows 7+