V-Control Pro

V-Control Pro 2 is a completely new system that revolutionizes how controllers connect to software, giving you hands-on control of your audio and video projects using almost any device. Adjust the mix at a live show with your phone. Tap your watch to start recording from a drum set. Set up a 32-track mix console with two tablets. Use a laptop to get a large time counter display. V-Control Pro puts you in control so you can create your masterpiece.

All features are enabled by activating a license. The license can be activated on a computer directly or an iLok USB key, depending on your preference. V-Control Pro 1 for iPad is fully functional without a license.
Free Trial
V-Control Pro provides limited features for free so you can test it with your workflows. The Setups window displays which control features are disabled when running as a free trial. V-Control Pro 1 for iPad is fully functional for free.

V-Control Pro 2 System Infographic

Legacy V-Control Pro 1 Support
V-Control Pro 1 for the iPad is fully supported by V-Control Pro 2 and does not require a license. Ney-Fi has been renamed to V-Control Pro 2. To use V-Control Pro v 1.9, just download and install V-Control Pro 2 and connect just like you did with Ney-Fi previously. At any time you can optionally license V-Control Pro 2 to get new features such as 32-track control, smartphone control, and Android.
Controller Apps
V-Control Pro uses controller apps on mobile devices, browsers, and MIDI hardware controllers. You can install one of several apps available at vcontrolpro.com on your device. V-Control Pro will connect it to media applications on your computer such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, and many more. V-Console, for example, provides an eight or sixteen track bank of faders, mute, solo, and full transport control. V-Panner provides two surround panners to work with Pro Tools. V-Remote provides basic transport control with the Apple Watch. Because V-Control Pro uses the open Core Control system, new controller apps can be easily created for new and existing applications. No more proprietary protocols. No more obstacles. View all controller apps.
Controller Devices
V-Control Pro supports most popular devices: tablets, smartphones, notebook computers, Apple Watch, Android, and iOS. To set up your device, just browse to vcontrolpro.com and select the app you want to use. Many apps operate as web apps that install in seconds. Because V-Control Pro is built using standard web technologies, many kinds of devices can control media applications on your computer, fast and easy.

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android Tablet
  • Android Phone
  • Web Browsers
  • Apple Watch (coming soon)
Connect Controllers To Media Applications
V-Control Pro runs as a menu-bar application on your Mac computer (Windows coming soon). It automatically connects media applications such as Pro Tools, Cubase, and Logic Pro to controller apps and devices. The Setups window shows all your devices, applications, and connected setups. It also provides powerful custom configuration for MIDI controllers.  You can also configure multiple devices for up to 32 tracks of mix control. View all compatible applications.
Built On Core Control
Core Control is a new technology invented by Paul Neyrinck that revolutionizes how control surfaces and software connect. We originally created V-Control Pro for the iPad, one of the most popular and reliable control surfaces available anywhere. Many users contacted us asking for features that were impossible because of antiquated, proprietary control protocols. After a lot of research and development, Paul created the Core Control system that solves all the problems. Core Control was inspired in part by ASIO, CoreAudio, and MIDI. Core Control provides the same advantages so everyone’s products can work together. Core Control is an open-source system that uses standard technologies, which means the end of proprietary protocols and a new beginning of control innovation.