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General Information

Is there a way I can request a feature for V-Control Pro?

Yes. Go to the feature request thread on the user’s forum, located HERE Neyrinck’s staff is monitoring the feature request posts to get customer feedback for upcoming versions, and also respond with feedback on the assorted requests.

Does V-Control Pro have a User’s Manual where I can read about the finer details of the product and how it works with different DAWs?

Yes, V-Control Pro has an extremely comprehensive user’s manual that can be viewed HERE

In contrast to many competing  Control Surface Apps, we take thorough documentation very seriously and know that many of you expect real documentation in a professional product.

Can I use multiple Devices simultaneously with V-Control Pro?

With a V-Control Pro Bundle License, users can setup multiple devices based on the D.A.W. For instance, Pro Tools allows up to 4 devices to be setup through it's setup so 4 different devices can be used simultaneously in Pro Tools through V-Control Pro.

How do I download V-Control Pro?

You can download V-Control Pro HERE

My V-Control Pro Bundle License has expired after a month, what is going on?

As it stands, the yearly V-Control Pro Bundle license requires a refresh once a month to remain active. If your license is on an ilok, please insert it into a computer that has an internet connection.

If your computer has the ilok manager installed, you can check to see it updated after signing in to your account. (

If you do not see a change, please also do a resync/repair on the ilok.

If you are still having issue. Please contact our support.

Can V-Control Pro connect to multiple DAWs at the same time?

As it stands, V-Control Pro  can only connect to one DAW at a time.  If you would like to use a different DAW, you must quit the first DAW and then launch the second you wish to control.

Is there an upgrade to V-Control Pro for version 1(Legacy) users?

As it stands, we are not able to offer an upgrade path to V-Control Pro 2 for V-Control Pro version 1 users.

V-Control Pro 1.9(Legacy) does require the V-Control Pro app instead of Ney-fi to operate, which can be downloaded and installed for free HERE.

V-Control Pro 1.9(Legacy) works with all of its features and functionality without a V-Control Pro Bundle license.

A V-Control Pro Bundle license is only needed if users would like to use the new features such as 16 track mode with V-Console, support for multiple devices for up to 32 tracks of control, and smartphone support.

I am trying out V-Control Pro Unlicensed. What features are not available?

When trying out V-Control Pro without a license, the controls are restricted to fader and simple transport controls.

You are only able to have one active controller at a time and it is restricted to 8 channel mode as well.  If you switch to the 16 track mode in V-Console, it will only allow the first 8 tracks to control.

With V-Window, you are able to view the windows, but can not interact with simple touch control.

Please note that V-Control Pro 1.9(Legacy) is still fully functional without a V-Control Pro Bundle license.

Please explain the different versions of V-Control Pro

Originally V-Control Pro was an iPad app that connected to your DAW via the Ney-Fi software. This legacy version app is now called V-Control Pro 1.9 and is still compatible with the latest version of V-Control Pro Software. Ney-Fi has been replace by V-Control Pro Software.

V-Control Pro 2 system replaced this legacy iPad app in 2015. The package included V-Control Pro Software that is installed on your main media computer and connects your DAW to the free V-Console and V-Panner Apps. This system included support for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as well as laptop web browsers.

In Oct 2016 we introduced the iPhone and iPad V-PlugIn app for controlling the Neyrinck Spill AAX plug-in in Pro Tools. We renamed V-Control Pro 2 to V-Control Pro Bundle that now includes:
V-Control Pro Software, V-Console App, V-Panner App and V-PlugIn App.

Compatibility and Installation

I have a 1st generation iPad. Can I use the V-Control Pro Bundle apps?

As it stands, 1st generation iPads are not compatible with V-Control Pro Bundle.

The controller app V-Console that is used to connect to V-Control Pro is now a native iOS app for iPad users that requires at least iOS 7.

V-Control Pro is crashing on my Mac when I use it. Do you know why?

Please check System Preferences->Sharing->Computer Name. It can not be blank. If it is blank, set it to a name such as MyMac.

Some users have reported that when using eyoControl on their Mac, that it can cause V-Control Pro to crash or not behave stable. At this time we suggest you do not use eyoControl when using V-Control Pro.

I've installed Ney-Fi on a Win7 64 bit machine. When I try to launch it, my computer displays an error message that states "can't find msvcp100.dll”

What is the earliest Mac OSX that is supported by the V-Control Pro?

As it stands, Mac OSX 10.6 is the earliest version that is compatible with the V-Control Pro.

What is the latency using V-Control Pro?

The latency depends upon the performance of your WiFi network. WiFi is a shared system so other computers and WiFi networks can degrade performance. Many customers using V-Control Pro have told us that they are very impressed by the performance.
For the lowest possible latency, we recommend you use a computer-to-computer WiFi network (ad hoc network). Alternatively, if your computer is connected by Ethernet to a WiFi router, that can help achieve low latency also.
However, if both your computer and iPad talk over WiFi to a WiFi router, then latency increases because a network message has to hop from the iPad to WiFi router over WiFi, and then from WiFi router to computer over WiFi again.

NOTE: Using the direct wired connection would be the lowest latency possible.

There are some issues connecting to the DAW on Windows with V-Control Pro.

When running V-Control Pro on Windows, it is best to launch both the DAW and V-Control Pro app in Administrator Mode.

To do this, right click on the App's icon and select "Run As Administrator" when launching.

This can be set by default by right-clicking on the App's icon and selecting "Properties". Click on the "Compatibility" tab and enable "Always Run as Administrator".

The Wired connection is not working in Windows. Please Help.

There are specific drivers needed so the iPad can be recognized once connected to a Windows computer with a USB cable.  These drivers can be installed by installing iTunes onto the Windows machine.  After installation, iTunes can be removed while the drivers remain installed on the Windows computer.


iTunes can be downloaded here:

(Windows) The V-Control Pro app will not see VCP 1.9/V-Console even though it says it's connected.

If on Windows, and the iPad app is able to see the computer, but it will never show on the main V-Control Pro app as connected on the computer, please ensure that the network setting is not set to "Public" open, as it will not allow the iPad to be recognized. Please set to "Home" so it will allow incoming connections from other devices.

Operation and Networking

Does V-Control Pro allow multi-touch control? If so what is the limit?

The V-Control Pro system supports multi-touch which and is dependent on how many points of contact the device can register simultaneously.  For example, the iPad can register 11 touch points at the same time so it would be 11 for the iPad.

V-Window is not controlling my waves plug-ins correctly. Is there a solution?

We have reports that Waves plug-ins don't control correctly when on a second monitor. Move them to the primary monitor to get correct V-Window control.

I am on Windows 7/8 and the computer does not show up in V-Control Pro.

Check to see if the Bonjour Service is running:
In the Start Menu, right click Computer.
Select "Manage".
Double click "Services & Applications".
Open "Services".
If it is disabled, please enable as it is needed for V-Control Pro to function properly.

V-Control Pro has a lot of latency when I move the faders. Why is that?

Please make sure Bluetooth is OFF in the iPad settings, as there are some issues in iOS where Bluetooth operation can increase the latency times with the WiFi connection.

Can you recommend how I set up WiFi for low latency with V-Control Pro?

We recommend a wireless-N dual band router such as the Netgear N600.
Enable 5 GHz WiFi on the router and connect it to your DAW computer by Ethernet.
The Ethernet cable can be very long so you can move the router to the center of your studio.
We have used this configuration at trade shows and get very high performance, even with hundreds of other WiFi networks all around us.

Also, you can connect with a direct wired connection instead of using WiFi if the strength is weak.

How can I make sure that my Computer’s Firewall is not blocking the connection between V-Control Pro and my DAW?

On a Windows system, look for the “Windows Firewall” control panel.
If you have verified the computer's firewall is disabled for  and V-Control Pro still does not see the computer, check your network router to make sure the ports for Bonjour are not blocked.
First, check to make sure your router's firmware is up-to-date. See your router's documentation to update the firmware.
Once the firmware is up-to-date, please examine your router's configuration to make sure these ports are not blocked, for UDP and TCP communication:

For more information about Bonjour, please refer to

V-Window is displaying garbled images. I am using a Windows computer. What is wrong?

Make sure all monitor settings are set to 32-bit.

When I try connecting multiple controllers, one of them stops working. Why is that?

A V-Control Pro Bundle license is required to use multiple controllers. If you have already purchased a license please ensure that it is activated and placed on your host computer or an ilok.

If you do not have a  V-Control Pro Bundle license you can purchase one here.


If I close the window on my computer that is being viewed by V-Window, it loses the image on V-Window as well.

V-Window will translate the images of open active windows on the computer only. Once a window is closed, such as a plug-in window, V-Window will no longer be able to display it. For a workaround you can drag the window off screen, but keep it opened and it should appear on V-Window still. This will not work on an OSX like Mavericks and later due to the behavior Mavericks has with screen sharing.

Is V-Window good for video playback for remote foley recording?

No. V-Window is designed to provide responsive control of plug-ins, instruments, and other windows with buttons, knobs, and sliders controls.

How does the V-Window work when entering text? Can you type in to a dialogue box with a standard onscreen keyboard?

V-Window does not provide text entry. V-Window is designed primarily to let you control knobs, buttons, and sliders so you can better use the natural interface of plug-ins and instruments.

If I close the window on my computer that is being viewed by V-Window, it loses the image on V-Window as well.

V-Window will translate the images of open active windows on the computer only. Once a window is closed, such as a plug-in window, V-Window will no longer be able to display it. For a workaround you can drag the window off screen, but keep it opened and it should appear on V-Window still. This will not work on an OSX like Mavericks and later due to the behavior Mavericks has with screen sharing.

The plug-in windows in Cubase do not appear in V-Window.

As it stands V-Window can not see the Cubase Plug-in windows on their default setting. The workaround for now is to go to Cubase preferences and select VST/Plug-ins:

Uncheck the "Editor Window Always On Top."

V-Window will now be able to see the plug-in windows in Cubase.

Pro Tools

Will V-Control Pro work with Pro Tools X.X.X?

V-Control Pro works with almost any Pro Tools system that supports the HUI protocol which has been around since Pro Tools 6. We officially support Pro Tools 7 HD/LE or later including Pro Tools 11/12.

Will V-Control Pro work in harmony with Pro Tools and a Command 8 controller?

Pro Tools currently operates with one MIDI controller at a time. Thus you can not use V-Control Pro to control Pro Tools while a Command 8 is enabled for control.

But V-Control Pro is still very useful because it is wireless and can move around the studio. Here is the procedure to switch between controllers:

Switch From Command 8 To V-Control Pro:
Open the Pro Tools Peripherals dialog and select MIDI controllers.
Change Type to HUI, and change MIDI input and output to V-Control Pro.
Launch your device for V-Control Pro.
Switch From V-Control Pro To Command 8:
Open the Pro Tools Peripherals dialog and select MIDI controllers.
Change Type to Command 8, and change MIDI input and output to your Command 8 midi connection.

How do I access memory locations using the keypad?

1. Touch the "Recall Mem Loc" button (period)
2. Enter the location number
3. Touch the "Recall Mem Loc" button (period)

Why does it always show stereo tracks in Pro Tools when I have mono tracks?

V-Control Pro 2 uses the HUI protocol which does not indicate if a track is mono or stereo.  HUI protocol provides two meters per track, we display both so that if it is a track is stereo, you will get stereo metering.

After updating Pro Tools, V-Control Pro has lost some functionality.

Some users have experienced issues after updating Pro Tools. One fix is to trash the Pro Tools preference files which will allow the HUI/MIDI drivers to be setup again.

Will V-Control Pro work in harmony with Pro Tools and a D-Command / C24 / Pro Control?

Yes, but with some limitations. Pro Tools supports using V-Control Pro simultaneous with an ethernet controller such as D-Command, C24, and Pro Control. But the two controllers are always banked to the same channels and V-Control Pro is banked to the left eight channels of the ethernet controller.

Also, Pro Tools does not transmit metering to V-Control Pro. Avid has verified that Pro Tools does not send metering to secondary controllers. We urge you to go to
Search for "Enable Metering In Second Controller" and vote to get Avid to fix this. To make V-Control Pro operate as an independent controller you can temporarily disable the ethernet controller in Pro Tools.

How does the SAVE button operate with Pro Tools?

When V-Control Pro is controlling Pro Tools, the SAVE button is lit if the session has changed from its currently saved state. To perform a save operation, touch the SAVE button. The SAVE button will flash when first pressed, indicating the Save process has been armed. To complete the Save process, press the SAVE switch again. To abort the Save process, touch the Escape button.

I am on Windows and only get one-way communication.

If you are running Pro Tools on Windows and V-Control Pro receives data but is not able to send data, please launch Pro Tools in compatible Mode for Windows 7.  To do this make sure Pro Tools is completely closed first.


-Right Click on Pro Tools and select Properties

-Go to the "Compatibility" tab

-Check the "Run the program in compatibility mode for:

We have found users had success when selecting "Windows 7"

-Apply settings

-click "OK"

-Relaunch Pro Tools

I am using Pro Tools in a Windows OS and V-Window is not functioning.

For V-Window to operate with Pro Tools, the V-Control Pro app must be running in Admin Mode.  Please quit the V-Control Pro app and relaunch in Admin Mode by right clicking on the V-Control Pro icon and selecting "Launch in Admin Mode".

How do I Select Playlists with V-Window in Pro Tools 12?

Using V-Window to change between playlists on tracks is a great feature with V-Control Pro. With Pro Tools 12 however, the necessary action needed is different than in Pro Tools 10 and previous versions.

With Pro Tools 10, users can simply touch the playlist button to bring up the menu and then touch which option they would like to choose.

For Pro Tools 12, users now must touch, not release, and drag to the option they would like to choose. If touching the menu button and releasing, it will simply close the menu once users touch again.

V-Control Pro isn't communicating with Pro Tools in Windows.

For Windows users, please ensure that you are running both the V-Control Pro app on your PC and Pro Tools in Administrative Mode. If you do not, there may be issue with V-Control Pro communicating with Pro Tools.

I have an 003 mixer and V-Control Pro does not see the first bank.

There is a compatibility issue with the 003 mixer and any other HUI control surface. V-Control Pro will not be able to see the first bank (1-8) and it will only recognize the 2nd bank (9-16) as the first.

Logic Pro

I am using Logic and when I bank or scroll it goes all the way to the left or right ends of the mixer. I can't see any tracks in between. What is happening.

Please open the control surfaces setup window and change the Relative Change Mode parameter from Coarse to Full or Fine.

I am using Logic 9/X and V-Control Pro does not scroll channels correctly and operates erratically. What is wrong?

Do you have another controller set up in Logic->Preferences->Control Surfaces->Setup? We have seen Logic behave strangely when multiple controllers are set up. Please delete all controllers and set up V-Control Pro as the only controller.

What is the earliest version of Logic that is compatible with V-Control Pro?

V-Control Pro is only compatible with  version 9 and X of Logic Pro and Logic Express. This is due to the fact that we interface with Logic using the very flexible “OSC” Protocol, which was only added to Logic starting with version 9.

V-Control Pro crashes as soon as I open Logic. Why is that?

Some users have reported this issue and it was a result to the Computer name being blank. Please go to “System Preferences/Internet & Wireless/Sharing” and type a name such as MyMac for the “Computer Name”.

I am using Logic and I don't see all my tracks in V-Control Pro.

Logic defaults the Channel Strip View Mode setting to Arrange and displays the Arrange window tracks on a control surface. You can place all tracks in the Arrange window. Or in the controller setup window in Logic you can set Channel Strip View Mode to All to see all tracks.

The Environment Window does not work

To enable the environment window in Logic X, you must go into the Advanced Tools of the Logic X Preferences and enable MIDI.  This will then allow you to access the Environment Window.

Can I use multiple control surfaces on Logic Pro X in addition to V-Control Pro?

Multiple controllers can be connected to Logic Pro X. Please ensure that there is only one instance of V-Control showing up in the Control Surface Setup Window of Logic however as there can be issues if multiple instances are installed.

The Transform Window button does not work

In Logic X, you must first have an event selected in the Arrange window of Logic X before pressing the 'Transform' button in the Edit/Window section of V-Console.

The Sample Window does not work.

In Logic X, you must first have an audio event selected in the arrange window before pressing the "Sample" button in the Edit/Window section of V-Console.

V-Control Pro is always setup as a 24 track controller in Logic X.

If V-Control Pro is installing as a 24 track controller in Logic X (VControl24) and you have the DAW Track count set to anything other than 24, check to see if you have the Raven MTi app in your Applications folder. If so, please remove it.


Once removed, V-Control Pro should automatically install in Logic with the correct number of tracks as set in the V-Control Pro Preferences.


I am having trouble setting up with Cubase. Can you please help?

You can view the Users Guide for specific setup instructions to Cubase. This can be accessed within the V-Control Pro app or by clicking HERE.

Please ensure if you are using V-Control Pro 1.9(Legacy) you are using the "Cubase HUI for V-Control Pro 1 Users" for setup as it is different than setting up for use with V-Console.

The plug-in windows in Cubase are not appearing in V-Window.

The Cubase plug-in windows by default are a different type of window that, as of now, can not be detected by V-Window. There is a  workaround available by changing the window type.

Follow these instructions to view the plug-in windows in Cubase:

  • Open the "Preferences" window in Cubase
  • Navigate to the Plug-in section
  • Uncheck the "Plug-in Editors Always on Top"

The plug-in windows should now appear in V-Window when opened.

Studio One

I am having trouble setting up Studio One. Can you help?

There are specific setup instructions, as well as screenshots, shown in the Studio One section of the Neyrinck support FORUM.

Premiere Pro

What version of Premiere Pro do I need?

You must have at least  Premiere Pro CC 2014 or later to be compatible with V-Control Pro.

Click HERE to view the setup video with V-Control Pro and Premiere Pro.

Click HERE to view an in-depth video of using Premiere Pro with V-Control Pro and V-Console.

I am having trouble setting up Premiere Pro. Can you help?

Click HERE to view the setup video with V-Control Pro 2 and Premiere Pro.

Click HERE to view an in-depth video of using Premiere Pro with V-Control Pro and V-Console.

There are specific setup instructions, as well as screenshots, shown in the Premiere Pro section of the Neyrinck support FORUM.

The Loop button does not work in V-Console for Premiere Pro CC 2015.

This is a bug in Premiere Pro CC 2015. To fix this:

Go into the Preferences/Control Surfaces.. and then select

Mackie in the Device Class and choose "Edit".

Select Button Assignments and search for "cmd.audiomixer.loop"

Drag it to the "Cycle" Command. Loop should now work properly.

**Make sure the Track Window in Premiere is selected as loop only functions when this window is open**



I am having trouble setting up Reason. Can you help?

There are specific setup instructions, as well as screenshots, shown in the Reason section of the Neyrinck support FORUM.

I am not able to control my mixer in Reason, why is that?

For using the mixer within Reason control+click/Right click on the mixer and select "Lock Mackie Controller to this device".
V-Control Pro 2 will be locked to the mixer portion of Reason.


Abelton Live

I am having trouble setting up Live. Can you help?

There are specific setup instructions, as well as screenshots, shown in the Live section of the Neyrinck support FORUM.


How do I record arm or or solo multiple channels at the same time?

In Live, by default you are only able to record arm or solo one channel at a time with V-Control Pro 2. If you solo a channel, and then solo another it will automatically un-solo the first channel. To solo or record arm multiple channels, you must use the Modifier keys which you can access in the Edit window of V-Control Pro 2.
Once opened tap and hold the Control button and you will be able to record arm or solo as many channels as you would like at the same time.

How do I get Ableton to play from the position I set with the Jogwheel?

First, navigate to the section you would like to start at. Then, while holding the "Control" key from the 'Modifiers' in the Edit window of V-Control Pro 2, press play. It will then start at the location where you navigated the playhead to.


I have recently updated and the metering is no longer working. What is wrong?

The metering may be disabled in the Control Surface setup in the Utilities section after updating Sonar. After launching Sonar,  go to "Utilities/Mackie Control - 1" in the menu bar. Look in the 'Options' section for the 'Meters' drop down menu. If "Off" is selected, please select "Signal LEDs + Meters". Metering should now work again between V-Console/V-Control Pro 1 and Sonar.

I am having trouble setting up Sonar. Can you help?

You can view the setup instructions listed HERE in our forum, or by accessing the V-Control Pro User's Guide and navigating to the Sonar section.

V-Window is not working in SONAR. Can you help?

If you are running SONAR in Administrator Mode and you are not able to use the simple touch control in V-Control Pro, please launch SONAR and V-Control Pro in standard mode.

MIO Console

I am having trouble setting up MIO Console. Can you help?

You can view the setup for MIO Console in the Users Guide which can be accessed within the V-Control Pro 2 app, or by clicking HERE

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