Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014/2015

Check out the V-Control Pro Setup and In-Depth feature video about controlling Premiere Pro with V-Console – YouTube Playlist

• Two Control Skins – Long Fader Skin and Short Fader Skin with permanent Jog Wheel and Function Keys
• 8 or 16 Fader Control surface
• Fully-featured Premiere Pro control using Mackie Control protocol
• Fader, pan, mute, solo, record for every track
• Select between Clip Mixer and Track Mixer
• Select automation modes for each track: Off/Read/Latch/Touch/Write
• Control single or multiple faders
• Double tap fader to return to zero
• Adjust level of a clip with fader with Clip Mixer – writes level throughout clip
• Adjust level of entire mix and automation with Track Mixer
• Master Fader control
• Dedicated keys for Undo, Redo
• Dedicated keys for moving to next or previous edit
• Dedicated keys for moving a frame at a time forwards or backwards
• Dedicated keys for moving to In / Out
• Full transport controls including :
– Play
– Stop
– Jump to Beginning

V-Console Premiere Pro
– Jump to End
– Fast Forward & Rewind• Scrub/Shuttle Wheel for precise play head control by swiping the counter display
• Display a big counter
• 16 soft keys
– Assign any commands to each button and label the button in V-Console
– Modifier keys – Shift for second banks of soft keys• V-Window Control of any open windows in Premiere Pro or other open applications, such as Color Correctors

System Requirements – Premiere Pro CS 7 And Later
Mac OS X 10.7+, Windows 7+
Windows 7/8