Apple Logic Pro

• Fully-featured Logic Pro 9/X control using OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol
• Familiar Logic user interface
• Fader, pan, mute, solo, input, track-arm, and automation control for every track
• One-touch access to all automation modes per track
• Sends 1-8 level and bypass control
• “Clear all Mutes” and “Clear all Solos” controls
• Dedicated group suspend function
• Track metering
• Eight-character track labels
• Full transport controls including loop, punch, metronome, and markers navigation
• Jog/scrub strip for precise play head control
• Dedicated Set Left/Right Location buttons
• Dedicated Set Left/Right Drop Location buttons
• Mixer window show/hide button always available in main interface
• 12 separate window show/hide buttons
• 9 separate Screen Set Select buttons
• Markers 1-9, previous, and next select buttons

• Comprehensive “editing commands” window allows quick access to:
• Bypassing individual automation categories (volume, pan, mute, etc.)
• Common editing controls (cut, copy, paste, etc.)
• Toggling on/off of 12 individual Logic windows
• Navigation among 9 separate Logic screen sets
• Navigation among session markers

System Requirements – Logic Pro 9.1.6 / 10.0.7, 32-bit and 64-bit.
Logic Pro – Mac OS X 10.7+
Logic has a crashing bug related to setting up multiple controllers.
Logic requires OSC controllers to use automatic setup, not manual setup.
Logic Pro X has some feature limitations with V-Control Pro 2 that require fixes to be made by Apple.