Get Control of Your Pro Tools Surround Tracks with Spill

The Spill AAX plug-in can be inserted on any multi-channel Pro Tools track, aux or master, from stereo to 7.1 format. Finally there is now a way to control the individual channels in a multi-channel track that are spilled onto the plug-in’s faders so that channel levels can be adjusted – for 7.1 the plug-in has 8 faders, meters and gain values.

Spill channels faders can be relative grouped for easy and fast adjustment of surround channels, for example, just tap the channel name above the fader to add or remove that channel from the group. Fader levels and Bypass can be automated in Pro Tools for managing different Spill settings for short sections of the mix.

Spill plug-in is included with the V-Control Pro Bundle and is iLok authorized for all customers with a current V-Control Pro 2 License.

Spill Plugin

Group Channels for Fast and Accurate Adjustments

Channels in the Spill plug-in can be grouped together for fast and easy control, very useful for pairing L/R or the surround channels. Simply click the channel designation above the fader to add or remove that channel from the group.

The grouping is relative, with the relative levels of the faders locked when they are added to the group making it easy to set an offset and then group multiple faders together. Moving any fader in the group adjusts the levels of all faders in the group.

Hold down Command key on Mac, or Alt on a PC, for fine fader adjustment mode for precise control.

Spill Plug-in Grouping

Perfect for Final Mix, Pre-dubs and Sound Design

Re-recording mixer and sound supervisor, Tom Marks, persuaded Paul Neyrinck of the importance of designing the plug-in, “Spill is applicable to both re-recording and editorial but is mainly geared towards final mixing, that’s where this plugin is huge”

“In very busy sound effects sequences, you can quickly adjust a specific channel(s) of a pre-dub such as L and R to clear space for music or to get the sound effects to poke through.  When given multi-channel stems for the score, you can bring up the surrounds or lower the center channel.”

Spill LR Adjust

Controlling the Surround Channels

Tom Marks also likes Spill for its ability to control surround channels, “There are also applications on a global level. For example, if you start a mix in a smaller room and move to a large dub stage, you may need to make global adjustments on the surround or LFE levels. Also when doing near-field home video versions, you’ll have to make adjustments to your stems which Spill is perfect for.”

The AudioSuite version is very useful for editorial where individual clip surround channels may need adjustment throughout the clip. For larger sessions and final mix, the AAX DSP version is perfect for reducing latency and providing powerful control of all groups.

Spill Surround Channels

Control Spill from Avid S6

Although the S6 control surface can spill out VCA groups it cannot spill and control individual channels of a multi-channel track or bus.

The Spill plug-in now allows engineers to access this feature from the S6, either from the channelstrip knobs or across 8 channelstrips with Expand Mode.

Spill and Avid S6

Control Spill from iPads and iPhones with V-PlugIn

Spill is the first plug-in to support the powerful new V-PlugIn app for super-fast access to tracks and their plug-ins from iPads and iPhones. Both Spill and the new V-PlugIn app are included with a V-Control Pro Bundle license.

The V-PlugIn app shows a list of tracks using Spill so a user can just tap the track name and have instant access to channel levels without needing to open a plug-in window on the computer. Designed to enhance surround sound re-recording and sound design, these new features closely follow the recent introduction of the Dolby Atmos plug-in touch-panner feature in V-Panner and the iPad version of V-Console.

V-PlugIn iPad iPhone Controlling Spill