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How do I upgrade from version 1.0 to 2.0?

There is no charge to upgrade from version 1.0 to 2.0. Version 2.0 uses the same license as version 1.0. To upgrade, just download and install version 2.0. The download can be found HERE.

When I use the AudioSuite plug-in in Pro Tools to "Decode and Import," Pro Tools presents a dialog box that says "No audio was selected."

Pro Tools 8 has a bug where if it thinks you have selected no audio, it does not need to perform Audiosuite processing. It can happen if you make a zero length selection or if the the selection area has no audio regions in it. There is a simple workaround. Make a non-zero length selection and place some audio in the timeline within your selection.

Is there a users guide for N-Mon?

N-Mon has integrated Help that provides information on how to use N-Mon. To access the integrated Help, launch it from the /Applications folder, locate it in the menu bar at the upper right, click on it, and select the N-Mon Help menu item. A PDF version can also be downloaded HERE.

Do you have some sample Dolby E encoded material I can use to play around with and check out the SoundCode functionality?

We have two 5.1 + Stereo Dolby E streams you can download. One is 29.9 fps and the other is 25 fps.

When I boot my OS X system, I see this error message: " N-Mon Driver not Found. Please install the N-Mon Driver."

This error message probably means that the kernel is running in 64-bit mode but you are using an outdated N-Mon that is not compatible. Please update to the latest N-Mon by downloading the installer for Dolby E 2.0.7. In version 2.0.7 N-Mon was improved to operate in 64-bit kernel mode. Older versions only operated in 32-bit kernel mode.

Another facility will be providing me with Dolby-E encoded WAV files created with your software for us to layback to a digital VTR. Is there anything special I need to know to lay these back? Or is it as simple as putting the WAV file on a track and sending it to the deck (with the deck on data mode), and monitoring back through my Dolby-E Decoder hardware? Are there any potential clocking issues?

Because a Dolby E stream is simply stereo PCM audio, it is very simple to layback to a VTR as you would any PCM audio. But be very careful with a few things.
1. Don't listen to the raw Dolby E stream unless you have the monitor volume turned way down. Dolby E is full-code noise that can damage speakers and ears at loud levels.
2. Use AES or SDI to connect to the VTR. The connection must pass 20-bits of the PCM audio.
3. Make sure no no sample rate conversion or gain change is in the signal path. Pro Tools HD 192 interfaces, for example, have optional sample rate conversion on the inputs. Make sure it is are disabled when monitoring a Dolby E stream from a video tape.

What is the largest file size your software is able to encode? I am aware of a file size limit for creating interleaved audio files in Pro Tools and was wondering if your software had this limitation as well?

Pro Tools does not handle files larger than 2 GB. Neyrinck products can read and write files of any size.

Can I punch in on a already encoded tape for a fix or patch or do you need to re encode the whole program again.

You can punch in a re-encoded section if you follow a couple rules. First, place a marker at the start and end point to be re-encoded. Make a selection in the timeline that has at least 2 frames of pre-roll and post-roll before and after the marker points. Then encode the audio. Then import the WAV Dolby E stream and trim the beginning and end to align with the start and end markers. That's it. Now you punch in the re-encoded Dolby E stream section.

I tried SoundCode for Dolby E with Final Cut but no longer have a use for it. How do I remove it so it stops asking for iLok authorization when I launch Final Cut?

Please delete these files from your system:
/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/ Plugins/SoundCode Dolby E.bundle
/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/SoundCode Dolby E Decoder.component

Can I decode eight channels simultaneous in realtime?

Yes. Version 2.0 features simultaneous decoding of all Dolby E programs using the "dolby e program" control in the monitor/player. The control has nine values to choose from. The first eight let you select any of the eight possible programs. The last choice lets you select all programs. If you are using the Pro Tools plug-in, then you must use the "Mon8" type. The "Mon8" type plug-in is stereo-to-stereo but provides six additional outputs using the Pro Tools auxiliary output stems feature. To monitor all eight outputs you must create three additional stereo aux tracks and set their inputs to come from the plug-in inputs.

Will your software allow pro tools to play back Dolby E files in real time, in order to be laid back to a VTR?

Yes. The lightning fast encoder creates a stereo WAV file that can be laid back to a VTR using any workstation. The realtime decoder is then used to monitor and test the layback.

My ilok has been lost/stolen/broken and I need a replacement license.

If you have lost access to your ilok license for any of our SoundCode products, please submit an RMA through Once it has been verified and you have received an RMA number, please contact us with that number and we can deposit a brand new replacement license.

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