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Are Pro Tools7 and 8 supported?

Yes, Pro Tools 7 and 8 are supported. Please be aware of an Audiosuite issue in Pro Tools 8, where Pro Tools will display a dialog with the text "No audio was selected."

Can I do an AC3 Dolby Digital encode within ProTools that I can than layback to HD-CAM synced to picture?

Yes. The Audiosuite encoder outputs an AC3 file and/or a stereo WAV file. Either one can be imported into a Pro Tools stereo track (the AC3 has to be imported using the Dolby Digital import plug-in). This puts the data stream directly into a stereo track as PCM data. That stereo track can then be layed back to HDCAM. The RTAS decoder is an essential tool to test the layback. Just put the decoder on a stereo Aux track and play the tape in to it using an AES connection. The decoder detects any CRC errors for full assurance of a proper layback.

When I use the AudioSuite plug-in in Pro Tools to "Decode and Import," Pro Tools presents a dialog box that says "No audio was selected."

Pro Tools 8 has a bug where if it thinks you have selected no audio, it does not need to perform Audiosuite processing. It can happen if you make a zero length selection or if the the selection area has no audio regions in it. There is a simple workaround. Make a non-zero length selection and place some audio in the timeline within your selection.

How do I connect a DVD player to the realtime decoder?

Please follow these steps:
a. Determine if the DVD player has an Optical out or a SPDIF out.
b. Using Pro Tools' Hardware Setup Dialog, configure the Digital Format to be Optical or SPDIF.
c. Using Pro Tools' Hardware Setup Dialog, configure the Clock Source as Optical or SPDIF
d. Using Pro Tools' Hardware Setup Dialog, configure an input pair to Optical or SPDIF
e. Create a 48 kHz Pro Tools session
f. Create a stereo Aux input and set it's input to be the Optical or SPDIF input
g. Insert a stereo-to-5.1 SoundCode Dolby Digital Decoder.
h. In the decoder plug-in window, set the decode mode to "Data Stream".

Can I use the realtime decoder with the DVD Player built into a Mac computer?

Yes you can if you are using a Mac that has an optical digital output. Most Mac Pro, Powerbook, and Mac Mini models have an optical out. You must configure DVD Player to output the Dolby Digital data stream. In DVD Player, select Preferences, set Audio Out to Digital.

My ilok has been lost/stolen/broken and I need a replacement license.

If you have lost access to your ilok license for any of our SoundCode products, please submit an RMA through Once it has been verified and you have received an RMA number, please contact us with that number and we can deposit a brand new replacement license.

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