SoundCode LtRt Tools Upgrade


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System Requirements
Pro Tools HD 10.0 and later
Mac OS X and Windows
SoundCode Stereo LtRt must exist on your iLok


  • SoundCode LtRt Tools Version 2.0
  • LtRt Encode & Decode Plug-Ins
  • AAX DSP, Native, and Audiosuite
  • Dolby Pro Logic IIx Decoder
  • Upgrade From SoundCode Stereo LtRt

SoundCode LtRt Tools is a set of Pro Tools AAX plug-ins designed for post-production studios, TV mixers, film mixers, video game mixers, and broadcasters that monitor or deliver LtRt encoded audio compatible with Pro Logic™ decoders.

System requirements are an existing SoundCode Stereo LtRt license on an iLok. The new license will replace the existing license. SoundCode Stereo license owners need to first upgrade to SoundCode Stereo LtRt. Check out the SoundCode LtRt Tools FAQ for more information.

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