Updated SoundCode for Dolby E version 2.0.7. includes 64-bit Mac N-Mon and Final Cut Pro fixes

You can download the latest version HERE.

N-Mon for Mac is Now 64-Bit – We are pleased to announce that N-Mon has been updated to version 1.0.1 and is compatible with 64-bit kernel mode in Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion. N-Mon is a core audio driver and utility for Mac systems for monitoring Dolby E from core audio applications such as Final Cut 7 and QuickTime Player.

Improved Final Cut 7 Stability – Previous versions required you to uninstall the Final Cut Encoder plug-in if a licensed iLok was not available. We have improved it so Final Cut 7 can launch without any problems if no licensed iLok is attached.

Pro Tools 10 Improvements – The previous version 2.0.6 improved Pro Tools 10 support by eliminating Audiosuite handles and working around Pro Tools 10 Audiosuite time code bugs.