New SoundCode for Dolby Digital 2 and Broadcast Supreme Bundle Surround Plug-ins for Pro Tools from Neyrinck

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Major surround sound plug-in updates from Neyrinck for Pro Tools 10 and 11

Neyrinck today announced a new version of SoundCode for Dolby Digital 2 which now includes a new AAX Native 32/64 plug-in called Dolby Digital Preview. Just place it on a 5.1 mix bus to hear exactly what a consumer hears from a set-top box, streaming media player, DVD, or Blu-ray system. It provides metadata authoring, adjustable decoding, and DRC metering for professional AC3 monitoring. SoundCode for Dolby Digital 2 is a paid upgrade from the original version of SoundCode for Dolby Digital 1 and includes a Dolby Digital Encoder and Decoder.

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Neyrinck AAX News Update Aug 2013

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Important AAX compatibility news for Neyrinck Pro Tools Plug-ins

AAX is a fantastic new plug-in system for Pro Tools 10/11 but is very different from RTAS/TDM. At Neyrinck we have been busy working on AAX and planning for the future. We want to let you know about our AAX status so you can also plan your future.

Neyrinck has already updated V-Mon for AAX for both Pro Tools 10 and 11 HDX systems. Neyrinck has introduced SoundCode LtRt Tools which is AAX only. It is available for Pro Tools 10 and 11 Native and HDX systems.

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SoundCode LtRT Tools & V-Mon for Pro Tools 11

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SoundCode LtRt Tools and V-Mon now available in AAX 64 format for Pro Tools 11

Neyrinck’s SoundCode LtRt Tools and V-Mon plug-ins are now available in the new AAX 64 format for use with Pro Tools 11. SoundCode LtRt Tools is available in both AAX Native 64 and AAX DSP 64 format. V-Mon is available in AAX DSP 64 format. AAX DSP 64 format plug-ins run on Pro Tools|HDX cards with Pro Tools 11 HD while the AAX Native 64 format uses the computer’s native processors and runs on Pro Tools 11. Both plug-ins are Mac OSX and Windows compatible.

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V-Control Pro and Pro Tools 11

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Neyrinck has completed extensive testing with V-Control Pro and the new Avid Pro Tools 11 release. The control features all work as expected and no problems were found with V-Control and Pro Tools 11 on the Mac OS X platform. V-Control Pro is the most feature rich controller available for Pro Tools from the iPad and iPad mini.

However there is a bug in Pro Tools 11 on Windows with the Surround Panner feature. If a Surround Panner is set up in MIDI peripherals and connected to any MIDI port (not just V-Control’s MIDI ports), Pro Tools 11 will crash if the Shift key on the computer keyboard is pressed. The crash has no connection to V-Control Pro whatsoever, but the surround panner feature in V-Control can not be used until the bug is fixed.¬† Neyrinck recommends users contact Avid to report the crash and suggest that Windows customers use the V-Window feature to control surround panning rather than the dedicated surround panner. Once this bug has been fixed in Pro Tools Neyrinck will post an update.

Apps4iDevices Review of V-Control Pro

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Check out this review of V-Control Pro, by Nick Trass of He goes through a lot of the features showing connection and control of Tracktion.

“I highly recommend V-Control Pro for anyone using both an iPad and computer because it offers the ability to control everything just from your iPad. This app has totally changed the way I work on my Mac and allowed greater control and easier workflow, so I definitely rate it … A Killer App!”

Pro Tools 10.3.5 Update Recommended

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Pro Tools 10.3.5 fixes a bug that affects SoundCode For Dolby E, Dolby Digital, DTS, Exchange MXF, and V-Mon users.

Pro Tools 10.3.5 has a bug fix that affects SoundCode For Dolby E, Dolby Digital, DTS, Exchange MXF, and V-Mon users.

Pro Tools 10.3.0-10.3.4 has a bug that can cause problems for SoundCode and V-Mon users when entering text in a text edit box. This has been fixed in Pro Tools 10.3.5.

We recommend all Pro Tools 10.3.X users update to 10.3.5.