Dolby Digital Preview – The Dolby DP 570 in a Plug-In

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Dolby Digital Preview – The Dolby DP 570 in a Plug-In

SoundCode for Dolby Digital 2 is an AAX 32/64 Pro Tools 10 and higher compatible plug-in suite that includes a Dolby Digital AC3 Encoder, Decoder and the new Preview plug-in. Just place the Dolby Digital Preview plug-in on your 5.1 mix bus and you can hear exactly what a consumer hears from a set-top box, streaming media player, DVD, or Blu-ray system.

Check out this video showing the new Preview plug-in features and how you can monitor the effects of encoding and decoding Dolby Digital AC3 5.1 audio, as well as checking how the downmix gets upmixed to 5.1 by Dolby Pro Logic II.

SoundCode for Dolby Digital 2 Features

  • Professional mastering-quality Dolby Digital AC3 workflow
  • Realtime Encode, Decode
  • New Preview plug-in for monitoring what the consumer will hear
  • Full metadata and pre/post-processing options for encode and decode
  • Metering section including DRC and metadata status display
  • AAX 64 Native and AudioSuite compatible with Pro Tools 10, 11 and 12

How Does Legacy iPad V-Control Pro 1 Work with the New V-Control Pro 2 System

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Legacy V-Control Pro 1 and the New V-Control Pro 2 System

V-Control Pro 1
V-Control Pro 1 Legacy iPad App

The 8-fader V-Control Pro 1 was originally launched as an iPad only app that connected to the main DAW computer using a software utility called Ney-Fi. V-Control Pro up to version 1.8 required Ney-Fi.

V-Control Pro 2 is a new system that supports multiple apps including the new V-Console and V-Panner apps on iPads, iPhones, laptop web browsers as well as Android tablets and smartphones. Legacy V-Control Pro 1.9 iPad app can also work within the new system for no additional charge.

At the heart of the new system is the V-Control Pro 2 software, it replaces Ney-Fi and is installed on your main DAW. The latest version of V-Control Pro 1 app is version 1.9, you can update your app from the Apple App store. Version 1.9 requires that you install V-Control Pro 2 software on your DAW to replace Ney-Fi.

V-Control Pro 2 Trial Mode Setup Screen
V-Control Pro 2 Trial Mode Setup Screen – disabled features are shown with the lock icon

You can download V-Control Pro 2 software for free, install it on your main DAW and use V-Control Pro 1.9 iPad app the same as before with its full set of features. Unlike Ney-Fi, V-Control Pro 2 software has screens for setup and preferences for managing multiple controller apps. You can also install and check out the new  V-Console and V-Panner apps but they will work in trial mode with limited features. You can see the features that are disabled in trial mode from the V-Control Pro 2 Setups screen. Also in trial mode only 8-fader control is available from V-Console.

At any time you can optionally purchase a $49.99 license for V-Control Pro 2 from the Neyrinck Store to get all the new features including 16-fader V-Console control. When you purchase a license you will need an iLok account, details can be found when you check out of the store. Using the iLok License Manager software you will be able to move the license to your DAW to unlock all the features. You don’t need an iLok USB Key but, if you have one, you can move the license to the key, making it easy to work on different computers.

Major Upgrades for V-Control Pro 2 Media Control System for iOS and Android Tablets and Smartphones from Neyrinck

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Major Upgrades for V-Control Pro 2 Media Control System for iOS and Android Tablets and Smartphones from Neyrinck

V-Control Pro 2 system now includes new V-Panner app as well as updates to V-Console including V-Window and wired iPad connectivity to media apps including Pro Tools, Cubase and Logic Pro


Multiple ControllersSan Francisco, CA – May 12th 2016 – Neyrinck today announced major free upgrades to the V-Control Pro 2 media control system. V-Control Pro 2 is a completely new system that revolutionizes how controllers connect to media software, giving hands-on control of audio and video projects using almost any device. This latest upgrade includes a new free V-Panner app for surround and stereo panning from iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, as well as major upgrades to the V-Console fader control app.


V-Control Pro 2 is a complete integrated control system for OSX and Windows media applications including Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, Studio One and Premier Pro. Free control apps connect through the V-Control Pro 2 software that integrates and simplifies control of the main OSX and Windows media applications. V-Control Pro 2 is also used to connect the Slate Raven MTi2 and MTX mk2 systems to media applications such as Pro Tools and Logic Pro.


V-Panner iPad Wired ConnectionThe new free V-Panner is the premiere controller for surround and stereo mixing in Pro Tools, and stereo mixing in Logic Pro and Cubase. It runs on iOS and Android tablets and phones with wireless networking, on a laptop web browser, or direct wired connection from the iPad. You can set up two mono track surround panners, or a stereo track surround panner, for intuitive touch-panning control. V-Panner also includes an innovative motion feature that allows panning to follow the motion of a smartphone.


V-Console is a free 8 or 16 fader iOS and Android control app for recording, editing and mixing that can also use multiple devices for up to 32 faders of control. New V-Console upgrades include V-Window that allow users to control plug-ins using the actual plug-in screens, and an improved insert and plug-in popup window.


Founder, Paul Neyrinck, has been hard at work bringing these new features to V-Control Pro 2, “With the addition of V-Panner, integration of V-Window into V-Console we can now offer the features of our legacy V-Control 1 app as well as a host of new features such as 16, 24, and 32 fader control, Android support and auto-sensing for wired iPad connection. We paid special attention to compatibility with the iPad Pro, the large size is perfect for 16 fader control.”


Steven Slate has also embraced the new control system, “For our Slate Raven customers V-Control Pro 2 brings a new level of powerful and simplified control to our highly successful Raven MTi2 and MTX mk2 systems providing seamless integration with the most popular DAWs.”


V-Control Pro 2 system can be purchased for only US$49.99 for an annual license from the Neyrinck Store. A limited version free trial is also available. V-Console and V-Panner free apps are available from the Neyrinck website for Android and web, and from the Apple App store for iOS devices. Legacy V-Control Pro version 1.9 iPad customers can download V-Control Pro 2 software for free for complete V-Control Pro 1.9 compatibility with their OS X and Windows media applications.


Summary of new features:

  • New free V-Panner iOS, Android and laptop computer app
  • V-Console for iPad is now iOS native and optimized for iPad Pro with additional buttons and large faders
  • V-Console app now includes V-Window feature for plug-in control from the original plug-in screen
  • iPads running V-Panner or V-Console can now use a wired connection for simple setup and use where WiFi is not available
  • V-Console includes improved insert and plug-in edit pop-up
  • V-Console and V-Panner link directly to Slate Raven MTX mk2 and MTi2 hardware controllers.


V-Control Pro 2 supported OSX and Windows applications:

V-Control Pro Supported Media AppsCubase, Digital Performer, Live, Logic Pro X, Mackie Control, MIO Console, Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, Reaper, Reason, Studio One, Tracktion


About Neyrinck

Neyrinck is based in San Francisco and produces a line of software tools for empowering people to create music, movies, TV and live shows. V-Control Pro 2 is an innovative control system allowing iOS and Android smartphone and tablet control of media applications such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro and Premier Pro. Neyrinck’s broadcast plug-ins enable Dolby E, MXF and LtRt surround sound workflows in Pro Tools.   •   •   •

New SoundCode for Dolby Digital 2 and Broadcast Supreme Bundle Surround Plug-ins for Pro Tools from Neyrinck

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Major surround sound plug-in updates from Neyrinck for Pro Tools 10 and 11

Neyrinck today announced a new version of SoundCode for Dolby Digital 2 which now includes a new AAX Native 32/64 plug-in called Dolby Digital Preview. Just place it on a 5.1 mix bus to hear exactly what a consumer hears from a set-top box, streaming media player, DVD, or Blu-ray system. It provides metadata authoring, adjustable decoding, and DRC metering for professional AC3 monitoring. SoundCode for Dolby Digital 2 is a paid upgrade from the original version of SoundCode for Dolby Digital 1 and includes a Dolby Digital Encoder and Decoder.

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Neyrinck AAX News Update Aug 2013

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Important AAX compatibility news for Neyrinck Pro Tools Plug-ins

AAX is a fantastic new plug-in system for Pro Tools 10/11 but is very different from RTAS/TDM. At Neyrinck we have been busy working on AAX and planning for the future. We want to let you know about our AAX status so you can also plan your future.

Neyrinck has already updated V-Mon for AAX for both Pro Tools 10 and 11 HDX systems. Neyrinck has introduced SoundCode LtRt Tools which is AAX only. It is available for Pro Tools 10 and 11 Native and HDX systems.

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