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New BeatsBot iOS Drum Machine With Ableton-style Interface For Creative Music Making

BeatsBot drum app with Ableton-style UI and foot control for iPad and iPhone lets musicians quickly find beats and get on with the fun part of being creative anywhere

San Francisco, CA – Nov 7th 2017 – The new BeatsBot, next generation, iOS drum machine app is all about finding the perfect beat at the right tempo quickly and easily, so you can get on with jamming, creating, and performing your next hit with great sounding drums. If you play guitar, keyboards, or any instrument, BeatsBot is the one essential app you must check out.

BeatsBot has a simple, yet powerful interface so you can concentrate on playing your instrument rather than wasting time trying to get a decent beat that matches your style. The innovative app includes a selection of songs and beats in different genres including Urban, Country, EDM, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Rock and Caribbean. Quickly browse through all the beats while you play through the arrangements, and loop a beat to practice and jam. It’s perfect for learning new songs and for creating your own.

Loop Mode is for jamming, switch to Song Mode as you refine your creation, the screens make it very easy to build and refine your song. Use a MIDI foot controller for hands-free drums and sync BeatsBot with other apps using Ableton Link.

Edit preset songs, or start a new song from scratch, save them to your library and share with your band directly from the app with a text message or e-mail. You can also export a .WAV file of the song.

BeatsBot features several different screens giving you fast, creative access to your beats including preset song browser, your library, loop and song players, pattern arranger, pads for recording live, kits, note editor, and audio mixer.

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BeatsBot Drum App for iPhone and iPad showing Song Mode screen – click image for hi-res version

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