Legacy V-Control Pro 1 and the New V-Control Pro 2 System

V-Control Pro 1

V-Control Pro 1 Legacy iPad App

The 8-fader V-Control Pro 1 was originally launched as an iPad only app that connected to the main DAW computer using a software utility called Ney-Fi. V-Control Pro up to version 1.8 required Ney-Fi.

V-Control Pro 2 is a new system that supports multiple apps including the new V-Console and V-Panner apps on iPads, iPhones, laptop web browsers as well as Android tablets and smartphones. Legacy V-Control Pro 1.9 iPad app can also work within the new system for no additional charge.

At the heart of the new system is the V-Control Pro 2 software, it replaces Ney-Fi and is installed on your main DAW. The latest version of V-Control Pro 1 app is version 1.9, you can update your app from the Apple App store. Version 1.9 requires that you install V-Control Pro 2 software on your DAW to replace Ney-Fi.

V-Control Pro 2 Trial Mode Setup Screen

V-Control Pro 2 Trial Mode Setup Screen – disabled features are shown with the lock icon

You can download V-Control Pro 2 software for free, install it on your main DAW and use V-Control Pro 1.9 iPad app the same as before with its full set of features. Unlike Ney-Fi, V-Control Pro 2 software has screens for setup and preferences for managing multiple controller apps. You can also install and check out the new  V-Console and V-Panner apps but they will work in trial mode with limited features. You can see the features that are disabled in trial mode from the V-Control Pro 2 Setups screen. Also in trial mode only 8-fader control is available from V-Console.

At any time you can optionally purchase a $49.99 license for V-Control Pro 2 from the Neyrinck Store to get all the new features including 16-fader V-Console control. When you purchase a license you will need an iLok account, details can be found when you check out of the store. Using the iLok License Manager software you will be able to move the license to your DAW to unlock all the features. You don’t need an iLok USB Key but, if you have one, you can move the license to the key, making it easy to work on different computers.