Why Are Only The First Eight Channels Working

If you are using a surface with more than eight channel strips and only the first eight are working, there are a few different possible reasons.

Check The License Status
V-Control Pro will run if not licensed, but has several limitations. One limitation is that only the first eight strips will operate. Open the V-Control Pro Setups panel to check if your system indicates “Licensed” or “Unlicensed.” If it is not licensed, you will need to activate an iLok license on your machine or on an iLok USB key. You can purchase a license at the Neyrinck Store. Or you can get a free trial license HERE.

Logic Pro Users
If this is happening and you are using Logic Pro, it might be solved by deleting the setup in Logic Pro and creating a new setup.

  • Open the Logic Pro Control Surface Setups window.
    Select the surface and delete it.
    Quit Logic.
    Launch Logic.
    You should see a dialog asking if you want to connect your surface. Click “Connect.”
    If you don’t see a dialog, make sure Logic is configured to install control surfaces automatically.
  • Mackie Control Setup (Mixbus, Ableton Live, Studio One, LUNA, ….)
    If you are using a DAW that connects to V-Control Pro using its Mackie Control features, check to make certain multiple banks are set up properly. Each bank controls eight faders. Each bank should use a different V-Control Pro MIDI port. The MIDI ports should be set up in this order:

  • V-Control
    V-Control XT2
    V-Control XT3
    V-Control XT4
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