V-Control Pro For Presonus FaderPort

V-Control Pro for Faderport 8 / 16

V-Control Pro supercharges the FaderPort 8 /16 for Pro Tools. Now you get great plug-in editing, pro automation, and much more.

V-Control Pro for FaderPort and ioStation 24c

V-Control Pro supercharges the FaderPort and ioStation 24c for Pro Tools. Now you get pro features and integration with Avid Control app and the Slate Raven.

Thanks to V-Control Pro I can add a Faderport to my RAVEN system so that a hardware fader is always available when I need it.
Jon Wright

Creative Media Consultant, www.dawjockey.com

I am very impressed with how much better the Faderport works with Pro Tools.
Curtis Burns

V-Control Pro’s features for Faderport and Pro Tools have saved me a tremendous amount of time. I write a fair bit of plug-in automation and being able to control plugin parameters with the fader has been a real bonus.
Michael Raphael

Rabbit Ears Audio

Paired with the Avid Control App, the supercharged Faderport is definitely a game changer. It saved me a lot of money.
Jesper Zacarius

Studio Jesper Zacarias