For the past several years most media technologies have seen amazing innovation. Faster, better, and cheaper. But not control surfaces. It is like using a rotary-dial telephone in 2015. Control surfaces are stuck using old, awful protocols. Control surface makers can not innovate. Software developers can not innovate. Users

vcontrol solves all these problems.

vcontrol is an open source software system that makes it easy to control any software or hardware plug-in/app/synth/widget with a remote control surface. For example, an audio EQ plug-in used in a digital audio workstation will have frequency, bandwidth, and boost/cut controls. When the plug-in configures as a vcontrol module, then any vcontrol-compatible control surface can adjust the EQ. One surface might be a touch screen with a graph. Another surface might have knobs arranged like a console channel strip. Another might use hand gestures. vcontrol unleashes innovation for controllers.

It is very easy for software developers to connect their plug-in/app/synth/widget to vcontrol. Just add a couple files to the project, write a few lines of code, and compile. vcontrol works on Mac and PC systems.

The vcontrol system has many benefits not provided by other systems. vcontrol is flexible so any number of control surfaces can control any number of modules. vcontrol uses TCP/IP networking for fast performance and flexible, low-cost setups. vcontrol uses zero-configuration networking making it easy to set up. And vcontrol is implemented with open-source software.