V-Control Pro for D-Command and Pro Tools


Version 3.1 Update Coming Soon

Superb Mix Control For Pro Tools Studio & Ultimate 


V-Control Pro’s forthcoming version 3.1 provides professional D-Command control of Pro Tools with deep integration using familiar D-Command workflows.

D-Command is a powerful, pro studio controller originally designed to only work with Pro Tools Ultimate on Intel computers. V-Control Pro connects it to Pro Tools Studio 2023.3 and later, as well as Pro Tools Ultimate on Apple Silicon systems. V-Control Pro also expands the monitor controller to work with a supercharged XMon for Atmos mixing.

Pro Tools Studio Compatible

Pro Tools Studio has never been compatible with D-Command. You had to use Pro Tools Ultimate. But now with V-Control Pro, you can get up to 32 channel strips of beautiful

Precise Faders

D-Command features 10-bit faders for precise volume control with 0.1 dB resolution. Touch sensitive blah blah blah.

Up to 32 channels with the main section’s 8 faders blah blah.

Supercharged XMON Monitoring

Sends A-E with Pre/pots and send mute control. Flip to faders.


Memory Locations



Long Track Names