5 New Features of V-Control Pro 2


1. Controllers run on a lot more devices: iOS phones and tablets, android phones and tablets, and web browsers.
2. Now it shows up to 16 tracks on a single controller. That means less banking and scrolling which makes it much easier to mix.
3. You can run any number of controllers simultaneously. For example, you can have a tablet in the control room, a tablet in the vocal booth, and can use your phone from anywhere, all connected simultaneous. This makes you incredibly productive because you can just work and not think about complicated setups.
4. It works in a browser, which means anyone in the studio can use a laptop to control a DAW. This is possible using a really cool technology called web sockets.
5. It is a platform. That means anyone can build custom controllers. And we can build new features easily. A lot of cool, new stuff is coming!