16 and 32-Fader V-Console for Recording and Mixing from Neyrinck

V-Control Pro 2 system now supports 32-Fader V-Console twin tablet control of most audio media applications with wired iPad connectivity

San Francisco, CA – June 22nd 2016 – The recently upgraded V-Control Pro 2 system from Neyrinck now supports 16 and 32-fader control of most audio media applications including Cubase, Digital Performer, Live, Logic Pro X, Mackie Control, MIO Console, Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, Reaper, Reason, Studio One, and Tracktion. Music and audio post creatives can take control of their sessions with a 32-fader touch-sensitive mixing console packed with features to speed up and enhance writing, practicing, recording and mixing. The V-Console app works with multiple iPads and Android tablets as well as smartphones. V-Console for iPads supports a direct wired connection, which is the perfect setup for a 32 faders since it handles the bandwidth demands of 32 meters.


32-Fader V-Console iPads Wired


V-Control Pro 2 is a complete integrated control system for OSX and Windows and includes the free 8 or 16-fader V-Console control app connecting through V-Control Pro 2 software to simplify control of the main media applications.

The V-Console app now includes V-Window allowing users to control plug-ins using the actual plug-in screens. In a 32-fader system the second tablet can be switched to control an instrument or EQ plug-in, for example, or bring up the edit function window with dedicated keys, then quickly switch back to a full 32-fader console.

Founder, Paul Neyrinck, said “The new V-Control Pro 2 system was designed to give users a great deal of flexibility in how they create and control their projects. Getting the system to include multiple iOS and Android devices and control all the top media apps was a challenge but users can now set up systems, including the 32-fader console, on devices of their choice. We also found that most users work with multiple DAWs and again our system addresses this need with dedicated skins and features for most of the popular apps.”

V-Control Pro 2 system annual license can be purchased for only US$49.99 from the Neyrinck Store. A limited version free trial is also available. V-Console and V-Panner free apps are available from the Neyrinck website for Android and web, and from the Apple App store for iPads. Legacy V-Control Pro version 1.9 iPad customers can download V-Control Pro 2 software for free for complete V-Control Pro 1.9 compatibility with their OS X and Windows media applications.